My Wild sex Session with my Maid Alessia

Alessia was always a wild child and that what attracted me to her at first. There was this need to subdue her and fuck some sense into her, may be a wild sex session with my maid. I had made her my submissive and I could fuck some sense into her on a regular basis. I loved doing that – fucking her, especially if she resisted me. I smile at that thought and enter my apartment.

It’s dark and I am a neat freak, but I see mud all over the floor. Only one thought crosses my mind – Alessia. She knows I don’t like it. I call her name and she struts in naked. Her tight body makes her cock hard. She thinks she can get away with it. “On the floor!” I scream. She complies and kneels on the floor. I get a rag and push it into her hands. She takes it, but being so close to my cock she takes advantage and palms me. I am hard, but I see the gleam in her eyes. Now wipe the floor clean,” I say. She bends down and pushes her ass in the air. She starts rubbing the floor and I wait till she is done then order her to clean herself up. She spouts but does as I say.

When she walks into the bedroom, I tell her that I am going to teach her a lesson. ‘Yes sir,” she beams. “Down on your knees. Take my cock into your mouth,” I command her. She takes me in completely and sucks on my cock just like I have taught her. I have been teaching her how to pleasure me. “Suck my cock like a good little slave,” I tell her and she sucks me with more gusto. I feel her tongue on my open slit and I press the base of my cock to prevent myself from cumming. She slurps at my head and plays with my balls.

I pull my cock out of her mouth and pull her by her hair. She shrieks but she is smiling I see. I push her on the dining table and her ass is in the air. “Looks like I have to punish you some more,” I say. I smack her ass cheeks and see a red welt forming there. I am satisfied. “You get twenty slaps for being a naughty girl,” I whisper as I begin counting the slaps. Thwack! Thwack! The sound echoes as I hit her round bottom and hear her moans. I can see her folds glistening with her arousal and I can’t help but touch her there. I part her folds and push my fingers through it, rubbing her intimately.

She pushes out her ass more and I rub her lit with two fingers. She is enjoying it too much. I hold on to her tit roughly and pull on it as I slap her ass again and again. Then while still palming her tits lewdly I push three fingers inside her hot cunt. She is dripping and my fingers glide in and out of her hot pussy. Her walls try to hold on to my fingers but I find what I am searching for. I touch her there and her body goes rigid, before shaking violently. More of her juices come out and coat my fingers.

“You want to take my cock?” I ask her. She just shakes and breathes through her orgasm. “You will take my cock and I will fuck you till you are raw and sore.” I unzip and pull out my cock and turn her over so I can see her face. She is lying flat and I plunge into her depths. I spread her legs wide apart and smack her ass again. Alessia is moaning wildly as I impale her on my shaft while twisting so that my pelvis grinds against her clitoris.

I bend and bite one nipple and inch the other and she clamps on my cock. I shoot my load into her as she writhes around me. I suck hard and bite again as I release my cum and she wraps her body around me. I love my little fucking slave and I want to have wild sex session with my maid everyday.

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