Marriage is not enough to mend my sex life

Hello, I am Gerard, and this is my story. Let me start with a little introduction. I am a 35-year-old millionaire and self-made. I would not say I am past my prime time but then, I am married now. During my bachelor days, I enjoyed immense popularity among women and my sex life was pretty awesome. My bed partner would change occasionally after every few weeks. But all that came to a stop when I met Kelly. She was the love of my life, and I was ready to give up anything to be with her- or so I thought.

We have been happily married for five years now. Or at least, she is happily married. I am rather confused about my state of mind though. I want to be as happy as I was the first time, I met her. But I cannot help getting distracted and frustrated wondering about the women I am missing out on. But trust me, I kept up my vows so long till my last business trip.

I was in London during my last business trip. The conference was done within the first two days. I had the last day entirely to myself. Instead of idling at the hotel, I decided to explore the city. I visited some major attractions of the city and finally got into a bar for a drink. As I was quietly enjoying my drink, I overheard two guys talking about London escort services. It piqued my interest as I realised one of them was the pimp. He was trying to sell the services to the other guy.

I peeked over his shoulder to check out the pictures he showed. My attention was instantly caught by the picture he displayed at that moment. It was a blonde with the sweetest and innocent face you can imagine. Once the other guy politely refused his service, I discreetly signalled him. he eagerly came up to me and I asked about that blonde girl. Her name is Gabriel, and she was available for the night. I took an instant decision and hired her. It was an impulse I was resisting for five years. Something about her face made me break that vow and my sex life was missing some charm in it.

I went back to my hotel after paying up my advance. I waited some time and restlessly tried to make the room as welcoming as possible. I lit candles and got a couple of rose bouquets decorated in my room. Around 9PM, I got a call from the reception that someone was there asking for my room. I asked them to send her up. There was a knock on my door in a couple of minutes.

When I opened the door, there she was standing in a strapless red dress. Her skin was albino white and her hair sleek and golden blonde. Her face looked so innocent with her wide blue eyes. She smiled shyly and stepped in. I asked her to sit comfortably and offered her a drink. She sipped slowly while curiously checking me out.

I started chatting nervously. But she smiled and then came up to me to sit closer. As I kept blabbering, she kissed my lips softly and asked me to hold still and be quiet. Then she started undressing me. In a few minutes, my shirt was off, and she was kissing down the length of my chest to my navel. Then she unbuttoned my trouser with her teeth and smiled up at me- mischief in her eyes. My boner was painfully straining against the trouser. When she finally unzipped, it was a relief. She quickly pulled down the zipper and my dick sprang out. She put it gently in her mouth and sucked slowly while keeping eye contact.

Then she started picking up pace. As she sucked hard and faster, I was moaning lightly. I reached out to her boobs and grabbed them over her dress. They were so soft and round. I pulled them out and started fondling while she sucked on and on. Then as I started leaking pre-cum, she got on her feet and quickly took off the dress. She was completely naked expect for a garter belt holding her stockings in place. I was sitting on the couch.

As I tried to pull her close, she sat down on my lap, straddling me. Then she positioned her vagina and slowly sat down on my dick. Her body was a vision as she arched her back and put her hands on my knees for support. Her firm and perky breasts were pushed outward right at my face. I grabbed on them and started sucking while she started riding me. She went on slowly but with a rhythm. Then suddenly she started picking up pace and bounced hard on my dick.

I could sense an orgasm building as her pussy clenched and unclenched rapidly around my dick. She was so wet. I egged her on and kissed her lips. Soon she was moaning loudly and orgasmed hard. Then she slumped on my chest. But I was not done yet. I wrapped her leg gently around my waist and stood up while picking her up. Then I held her against the closest wall and started pumping hard. She moaned and buried her face in my neck and started licking and caressing. I could not hold back anymore and went harder still. Finally, I was climaxing and filled her up with my warm juices.

Once I was done, I put her down. She went to the bathroom to clean up. I sat down and wondered what just happened. I have officially cheated on my wife for the first time. There was guilt. But more than anything there was elation. The sex tonight was the best I ever had. Thinking about it started making me hard once more. As she stepped out of the bathroom, I pounced on her. Today was my night and I had finally let go of all inhibitions. My sex life needed a change and I tried it.

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