I had a second partner in my life which gave me spark for sex

My marriage was a peaceful one, devoid of stressors and shouting matches. But sexually, I wasn’t too satisfied. I was looking for something, wanting something more and this actually showed in my acts. Once, I was fucking my wife and although her pussy was squeezing me in the right ways, I wasn’t feeling excited enough. So much so that in the middle, my cock suddenly went limp. It was then that I thought that maybe I needed a second partner in my life to make more excited.

That night I went down on Callie. I parted her folds, licked her pussy and finger fucked her till she shouted in orgasm. But I hadn’t orgasmed and she had noticed. I loved her and wanted to get back that spark. I began looking for ways to get my libido on the right track. And then I found her. Brown hair and a voluptuous body, I saw her online and immediately arranged to meet her.

That weekend I travelled out of town for work. The day she arrived, I took leave and I prepared myself. She came dressed in a lace gown that highlighted her tits and waist. My cock seemed to notice too. I quickly pulled her in my house and sat her down on the couch. As I was away for the weekend, I decided to spend time with her – Glow. I named her Glow coz that is what she did for me. She never said no to any of my demands and the first day itself, I touched her boobs. They were soft and warm and her pussy was tight. She was my first sex doll and I found her on kanadoll.com.

The whole weekend I didn’t venture out. Instead, I was with Glow, touching her, finding pleasure in all her orifices. Because she had a flexible body, I could bend her and have sex with her in multiple positions. I hold on to her boobs, press it, bite it as I fuck her pussy. I am wild in my pleasure and I make use of Glow to get rid of my inhibitions and find pleasure.

The first night, suddenly my cock seemed to be very interested in all things sexual and it was because of this second partner in my life. And now I was waiting to meet Callie, to show her my newfound excitement and give her pleasure too.

On Monday evening I returned home and I was excited. As soon as I came in through the door, there she was standing near the kitchen counter. She was wearing a similar lace gown as Glow and my cock perked up. I dropped my bags right at that door and went for Callie. I hugged her from behind and my cock rested near her butt. “Welcome home baby. Somebody is excited,” she exclaimed pushing back on my cock. “Mmmmm yeah. I missed you,” I say as I push my head into the crook of her neck. She smells great, like home.

As I am cuddling her, I touch her breasts with one hand. I rub those mounds slowly and feel her nipples perk up. They have become hard; I can feel it. I plant kisses on her neck and gently feel her up. I press her boobs and become aroused myself. Yes! This is what I was waiting for. I continue kissing her and caressing her breasts as she leans back into me. “Hmmmmm,” she releases a satisfied sigh and I feel so good.

I reach down and try to find her panties, but her gown is way too long. I want to feel her body so I pull the dress off her body. I kiss her mouth, turning her around and feel her soft curves against my body. I have too many clothes so I pull back and start undressing. She laughs watching me get rid of my shoes and clothes, just throwing it around. When I am completely naked, I pull her close and grab her butt. I press and massage them as she touches my cock. I shiver at her touch, I missed her. I kiss her cheeks and suck on her ear as she caresses my face.

I part her pussy folds and feel her clit getting engorged. I pull on it and pluck it as she moans in satisfaction. Meanwhile, she is caressing my cock. I kneel down and quickly lick her folds. She leans back against the counter and parts her legs. I lick her clit, long and hard. I press down on it with my tongue and I hear her, “Ahhh, ahhh, right there, baby.” I suck on that little nub, while rubbing the pussy opening with my thumb. I lick and suck and then I feel some liquid come out of her pussy.

“I love what you are doing,” she tells me and I am excited now. I push two fingers into her tight channel and feel her contract around it. I rub her walls and draw out more liquid. Then she stops me and makes me stand up. She kneels this time and I know what she is going to do. I grab her boob roughly as she licks my cock. I feel her tongue on the whole length as I play with her nipple. She rubs my cock length while licking my head. I feel her sucking me gently as she massages my balls too. I am getting hornier, but I want to fuck her.

I lift her up in my arms and suck on her nipple as I walk towards our bedroom. I drop her on the bed and crawl over her. I kiss her lips and push my cock in her cunt. My cock is rigid and I want some relief. I pull out and push in again. She wraps her legs around my waist. My sex drive has increased so much, thanks to the second partner in my life – Glow. She is my secret, but right now I want to fuck hard.

I thrust in and out of her pussy wildly, shaking the bed. She kisses me back and bites my lip. It makes me hornier and I lift her legs up to my shoulders. Her pussy is tighter this way and I pump in with more vigor. I am playing with her nipples as I fuck her pussy. She whimpers and then moans loudly, releasing a stream of liquid from her pussy. Her breathing is hard. I pump in and move faster, fucking her pussy. Her walls are contracting around my cock, giving me immense pleasure. I pump in one last time and feel my orgasm hit me. I release my cum in her pussy and slump over her naked body.

We lay there, all night, naked and fucking all through. I pleasured her two more times at night and then woke her up in the morning with a good lick to her cunt. I had my sex drive back and now was pleasuring my wife better. Second partner in my life brought the craziness back for me.

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