The new maid knows how to play

I am Steve. Living in Wellington for a while, twenty-eight-year-old and single- these has been my basic introduction for the past few years. Leading a bachelor’s life is easy and I never required much household helps. An occasional cleaning and dusting service sufficed. I was never very hyped with housekeeping and a surgically clean room. But my parents were going to visit soon and I had to keep everything in order. So, I decided to call up my usual cleaning service and asked for the regular cleaning guy for my apartment. Much to my dismay he was not available. They offered to sent in Brienne. I had no option but agree since it was a last-minute urgency.

Later that afternoon there was a knock at the door and when I opened the door a girl in her mid-twenties was there on the threshold. Her uniform made it clear she was from the cleaning service centre. Brienne was a sweet surprise. I had been expected someone middle-aged but here stood a gorgeous young woman. I asked her to come in and checked her out as she did so. She was a brunette with an agile and slender body. She had blue liquidly eyes and an hour-glass figure. Her uniform was hugging every curve.

I showed her around the room instructing what needs to be done. She was quick to setup all her cleaning solutions and tools. She started with the kitchen while I sat on the couch in front of it. Occasionally I would catch her at work through the mirror on the opposite wall. As she sweated slightly while scrubbing the countertop, my mind wandered all over her body. I was getting visions of undressing her maid’s uniform. I quickly distracted myself with the TV so that I do not cross the line. Soon I heard her take up the mop and she started cleaning the floors.

As she walked around the room and finally before me, I hungrily checked her out while she bent over turning her back to me. It was an instinct and you swatted her buttcheek. I was shocked and so was she. I could not believe by instinct got better off me. But what happened next was a bigger shock. Brienne turned around looking angry but just as I was about to apologize, she grinned. She knew how to play the game!

“I was wondering when you would finally give in. I could not take my eyes off you since I walked in. Loved the teasing?”

She knew I was watching her! And it was evident she wanted more! I didn’t think twice as I grabbed her waist and pulled her on my lap on the couch. She giggled while I hungrily kissed and licked her throat and behind her ears. Her hair was in a ponytail and was particularly sleek and easy to grab. I pulled her hair to arch her neck backwards, and then licked from the collarbone to her left jawline. She moaned slightly.

I kissed her lips passionately with full force, biting her even. Her stifled moans sounded protesting but I didn’t care to stop. They were so soft and juicy. When I was done, her lips looked red and raw. Her eyes were lusty and she kissed me back. This time, she took charge and was equally hard on me. She was kissing my lips and my cheeks, moving down to my throat placing love bites. At the same time, her hips moved suggestively against my crotch and I could feel my boner straining against my trackpants.

She was suddenly off my lap and between my legs. I knew what was coming but the anticipation was still the same. She quickly pulled down my pants and my 9” inches boner sprang out in its full-glory. I could tell from her wide eyes; it was better than what she expected. She wasted no time in popping the dick in her mouth and started massaging the shaft while giving me a blowjob. She spit on it and rubbed it between her palms to make it wet enough and again went back to blowing me. I was so sensitive to her touch and was almost going to orgasm.

I stopped her and pulled her up on my lap and positioned her on the dick and one thrust was enough to impale her. She let out a pleasure moan and started rocking and bouncing on the cock. I grabbed her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Then I wrapped her arms around my neck and held her by the waist making sure she was still well-penetrated. Then I stood up while she hung from my neck. I started fucking her hard while we stood.

By now, she was moaning and talking dirty in my ear. She went on and on about going harder still and fucking her like a bitch. I did as I was told. After almost 20 minutes, I felt another orgasm building up. She seemed to realize it too. She bit my ears and licked the earlobes. It was lecherous and her lustful actions made me loose control. I came hard in her pussy while we stood there.

Once I was done, I lowered her down on the couch. I started with fingering her. I inserted four fingers in her vagina and vigorously thrusted them in and out. Soon I pushed in my thumb as well and slowly I worked it and was in her vagina up to my wrist. I started fisting fucking her. She was thrashing on the couch like she was possessed. It did not take much longer after that for her to orgasm. Her back arched and she was shouting gibberish while my couch got drenched in her pussy juices.

I sat back finally, panting to catch my breathe. She still laid there. Suddenly she sprang up and started getting dressed. Now I was fully aware of the surrounding and the mess. But I knew I will call back for her again tomorrow so she could finish what she started, how to play!

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