It’s worth cheating your wife if it is with Angela

Happily married for 15 years now, cheating is a thought that never crossed my mind. My wife Wendy and my lovely kids are my world. I never felt anything amiss in my life when with them. Little did I think, someday, there will be a situation where I would willingly risk it all. But at times the risk of cheating your wife was worth it. Let me start from the beginning.

I am Henry. I am 45years old and quite a successful businessman. My friends know me mostly as the perfect family man. But there is one friend who have always been awe inspiring. Even at this age, he is the best playboy I have ever seen. He is happily single and would occasionally meet a new girl. We all wondered how he did that. But he never revealed his secrets. His name is Adrian.

I was a close friend and one day I saw him chatting with someone called Angela. I coaxed him and turns out he met her on sex cam UK. They are planning a hookup later in the day. I had caught a glimpse of her on his laptop screen. She is stunning. The girl was barely in her twenties and had the most beautiful hourglass figure I have ever seen. I could not shake off the image of her naked body even as I went home. Things were fine at home and I was making love to my wife as usual. But I kept wondering what Angela and Adrian were up to.

The next day, Adrian seemed really happy when he was at office. He was whistling away in his cabin and was in a jovial mood. I asked him and turns out he is going head over heels about Angela. He winked and suggested I should try going with her too. But I was shocked and reminded him I am married. He scoffed, “It’s worth cheating your wife if it is with Angela.” I shook off the idea from my mind but occasionally caught myself imagining her. I finally gave in and in an impulsive moment, took her contact details from Adrian. When I called Angela, the sweetest voice answered. I stammered and stated everything. She smiled and told me to make arrangements for the weekend and come over to her place.

I decided I would go through with the plan. Suddenly my life seemed void and I started finding flaws in my relationship with my wife. I made all excuses to justify cheating her. As planned, I told her I was going for a guy’s night that day. She happily sent me off believing everything I said. I felt a little guilty. I drove all the way to her place. I knocked her door trying hard to keep my wife out of my head. When Angela opened the door, my jaws dropped and I instantly forgot all about my family.

Upfront, she was even more gorgeous and anyone would end up cheating your wife. Her honey blonde hair was spilling over her shoulders and she had dark blue eyes. Her breasts were jutting out, thanks to the push up bra I could see through her top. She was wearing a hot pant and looked very sleek overall. I hesitantly stepped in and looked at her. She closed the door and came towards me and hugged me. Once she was in my arms, she kissed my lips and whispered in my ears to forget everything else. I felt it was worth obeying her and I kissed back.

As we kissed, I pulled out her breasts and started squeezing and pinching them. Then I nibbled on them and she moaned even louder. She looked very pretty as she held my head in her hands and hungrily pulled my face towards her for a kiss. I carried her to the couch closest to me and went down on her. Her pussy was so pink and juicy. I started licking and sucking on it and she was obviously enjoying the attention. In a few minutes, she was really wet while I was hard. I quickly pulled down my pants and she seemed really impressed with my boner. She came down on me and sucked it hard. After bobbling her head up and down the shaft for some time, she took a pause. Pre-cum was oozing out generously and I was straining to fuck her. She seemed to understand that and smiled at me.

I quickly lifted her and made her wrap her legs around my waist. I wasted no time in shoving the dick up her pussy. I held her against the wall and then started going in a slow rhythm so that she feels every push deeply. She was sighing and moaning while clutching my shoulders. I felt her nails dig in while I started fucking her harder than before. She wrapped her legs even more tightly around my waist. I occasionally sucked her nipples and bit her breasts while I fucked her thoroughly.

In some time, she was moaning out that she is about to climax and I asked her to go ahead. In a few minutes, my dick was drenched in her juices. She had orgasmed all over my dick and squirted too. But I was not yet done. I put her down and made her lie down on the kitchen countertop. Then I started fucking her from behind. She moaned on and on but I was not going to go any slower. In another half an hour, I had climaxed inside her. Her pussy oozed out the juices and it looked like the most marvellous sight I have ever watched. I made her face me and again kissed her tenderly. That night we had the most epic sex I ever had in my life. I finally knew what Adrian meant. Cheating your wife is not good but I had already done that. But somehow, I knew I would do it all over again if the woman is Angela.

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