The Roommate with a Sex Doll Fetish

I have recently shifted to the hostel of working men. I got settled in a room for two and all other rooms were filled up. I was told, there were no takers for this specific room because of my roommate. But I had no choice and needed it urgently. I was soon going to find out the issue and also experience the best fetish in my life, a sex doll fetish.

My roommate’s name is Jason. He is an average built guy who looks rather dorky. He is an accountant and single from what I learned. We bonded quite well soon after I had moved in. especially being two single men, sex and women dominated out conversation. He seemed like any other average guy desperate for some action- but then, so was half the men in the hostel, including me.

It was a Friday night when he first breached the topic.

“What would you do if you don’t get laid for months and months now?”

“I am not getting laid for months now and its quite frustration. I really don’t know- maybe use my hand.”

“Have you ever considered a fetish substitute?” he sounded quite nervous when he asked this. I was a little taken aback and thought he was gay. He seemed to understand that and he quickly corrected, “Oh no! Don’t worry- I am straight and didn’t mean anything between us. I was curious in general.”

I thought a bit but only the idea of having a real woman excited me. I told him so. Jason smiled nervously and said, “Well I have the next best thing here.”

I was curious as he walked to his closet and opened it turning his back to me and blocking the view. What does he mean by next best thing? Are this why other guys fled rather than live with him?

When he turned back towards me, he was holding a life-size female naked doll. It was the most realistic real life sex doll I have ever seen. More than anything, she was gorgeous. I would have never found a girl this pretty for a date. But I was apprehensive about what he had in mind.

“What do you think about taking turns with her to fulfil a sex doll fetish?”

I was shocked. He was intending to get naked together and perform some sexual acts in front of year other. He seemed quite serious about it. I moved forward and hesitantly touched the doll. The material was a silicone which mimicked human skin and even felt warm to touch yet so soft. I knew my eyes was betraying my desire and I finally nodded. It didn’t take more than that to get him going. Jason stripped quickly and started touching himself but offered me to have a go with her for the first time.

I was shy and hesitant about undressing in front of him but my curiosity and desires were strong. I stripped fast and started stroking my dick. It was already hard imagining the wild sex doll fetish. I never thought a situation like this would be such a turn-on for me. Jason was surely bringing out the kinkier side of my persona. Jason positioned the doll to lie on her back on the bed and I stood between its legs. I lifted both the legs on my shoulders while he held it down on the bed by the shoulder.

I had already put on a condom and slathered some of the lubes on the doll’s vagina. Then I started pushing in my dick. I never imagined the feelings to be so real. I started pounding relentlessly. It did not take me long to orgasm. As soon as I was done, Jason took my place and started fucking the synthetic vagina. He was moaning loudly and murmuring slangs at the doll. I war beyond shocked to realize how much it was turning me on and my dick was hard once more. Jason was squeezing the dolls boobs and kept on pounding. I instinctively reached for my dick to start stroking it again.

I kept stroking while he has sex with the doll. Once he was finally done, he turned to me and saw me stroking my dick. He looked surprised but pleased. I could not stop. The more I imagined the wildness of the entire situation the more I got uncontrollable. So, when Jason came up to me and kissed me full on the lips for the first few seconds, I forgot he is a guy and I am straight. When he broke off, I realized, I had orgasmed once more while he kissed me.

“I thought you are straight.” I asked Jason, trying hard to sound offended but failed.

“I am bisexual really- and I could not resist after watching you get off from watching me have sex with her. There is something more that I would like to do though.”

Before I could react, he had kneeled down and was holding my dick. I tried to protest but he had already put it in his mouth and was sucking hard, He kept sucking till I got hard once more. I forgot he was a guy and enjoyed the feeling. It had been so many months since I felt lips on my dick. He kept sucking as fast and hard as he could. I felt the tension building up once more. When I was almost at the verge of orgasming, I quickly pull out the dick from his grip. Then I went to the doll still lying on his bed and started shagging. He realized what I was up to and came beside me to do the same. We kept shagging till we orgasmed once more- this time, all our juices splashed on the doll’s boobs and stomach.

Once we were done, we sat down on our beds. Slowly I processed what just happened but I did not feel too guilty or disgusted by it. If anything, I felt happy and relieved after enjoying sex doll fetish. Deep down I knew my stay will get even more interesting and I was not stopping this anytime soon.

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