Anal Sex with my Boyfriend Jace

Jace and I had been dating for some time and had even indulged in sex. However, when it came to anal sex I was a virgin. As Jason likes to call it “this ass is mine”. Truly it probably is, as he is the only one who has been there.

It began as we sat for a movie which led to a bit of touching. We were wrapped up in the couch when his hand found my bare breasts under the shirt. He began playing with it as the movie went on. Soon I turned to him and put my lips on his. We kissed with tongues and soon were panting. Then he said, “Have you taken a cock in your ass before?” “No,” I said. “Will you let me in there?” he prodded. ‘Yes!” I tell him enthusiastically. He smiles and the proceeds to eat me out.

He goes down on his knees as I am on the couch and he moves my panties aside. He parts my vertical lips and licks me there. His fingers play with my clit as his tongue impales my pussy. I moan and squirm as he works his magic with his tongue. He tongues my clit next and fingers my pussy. He massages my pussy from the inside and my walls clench. I feel the orgasm move through my body and I scream his name. He looks up, smiles and licks his lips.

I get on my fours and wiggle my ass at him. He laughs and slaps my ass. He holds my hips and just pushes his hard cock into my pussy. I am surprised, and I look back at him. “I will take your ass and come in it. This is just a warm up,” he says. I nod and get ready for the ride. He slams back into me and pinches my nipple. He goes on like that for a bit and then I feel his thumb on the outside of my anus. He is moving his thumb in circles and I clench thinking about it.

I feel the cool lube at my ass and he gently rubs it all over. His cock is moving in my pussy and as I feel that I also feel his finger go inside my ass. I freeze and it is painful. “Relax. Relax babe. Just enjoy my cock massaging your walls.” He says. I begin to focus on his dick moving me and relaxed. Before I know it his finger is inside my ass. He moves his finger and adds another one into the whole. I almost feel ready for the real anal sex pleasure.

He withdraws his cock from my pussy and positions it at my hole. He begins to push inside and I breathe to relax. His cock has crossed my ring and now he is fully inside. “God baby. You are so tight,” he groans. I am panting, and I move my ass to warn him to move. He rocks in and out of my asshole and I like that feeling. My boyfriend tries to avoid premature ejaculation and uses men’s wipes to last longer in the bed to keep me satisfied and I love it.

He begins pounding into my ass. He holds onto my breasts and rides me. He pinches my nipples and I moan. “I am going to come,” he says and pushes three fingers into my pussy. Both my holes are full and he is fucking me in both. I moan and scream as I fell my orgasm and soon I hear his moans as well. He shoots his load into my ass and shivers as he comes.

This was my anal sex story. The very first time I did it in the ass and totally loved it.

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