Virgin to Webcam Sex – A Nice Way to find Pleasure

Ed clicked on the ad that kept showing up in his browser. It was an invitation for free online sex. It led him to a portal that had a list of pretty girls.  It seemed they all wanted to chat with him..a sex chat. He scrolls through the list just for the heck of it and then his eyes fall on someone called Amber. He clicks on it and she makes an appearance on screen. That was the beginning of finding pleasure through webcam sex.

Brown hair, smooth golden skin and a great set of tits. She was voluptuous and looking so sexy, smirking at him in a red teddy that he was tongue tied. “Hi,” she says in a sexy tone, “How are you today?” He stutters, “I…I am good.” “Any special requests?” she asks. “I am not sure what I should be asking for,” he replies. She smiles and puts on some music. “You have never had online sex?” she asks and he shakes his head. “Show me your cock,” she commands. And he complies. He removes his shorts and pops out his cock. “Stroke it now,” she says, but he denies. “Show your tits first,” he says. She smiles and licks her lips. She shimmies out of her dress and there she lies, seriously naked in front of him.

His mouth dries. Her tits are large and round with dusky brown nipples. He starts to stroke his cock to her sight.” You wanna see more?” She asks. He nods gulping. Amber lies back and spreads her legs to give a glimpse of her pussy. Her folds are swollen and she parts them to give a peek at the pink flesh within. She begins to rub her folds, parting them for his pleasure.

He groans watching her, rubbing his cock to her visuals. His cock feels thick and heavy, getting harder by the second. She brings out a vibrator from somewhere and then turns it on. It’s a long purple device and is whirring. She spreads her legs and rubs the device up and down between her folds. Her skin is flushed and she looks sexy as hell. The vibrator moves over her clit again and again and her head falls back. Ed is watching her with rapt attention his mouth going dry. His hands are moving faster and faster on his dick. He is gripping himself hard and pressing his balls.

Then Amber pushes the vibrator inside her cunt. Slowly, very slowly her hole opens up and takes the device inside. She begins moving it in and out of her hole. Her left hand goes to her tits as she plays with her nipples and moves her hips in pleasure. Ed likes this a lot and he begins to feel pleasure move through his back and spread all over his body. He begins stroking himself faster, when he sees liquid seep out of Amber’s cunt. He doesn’t hold back any longer and he shoots out the semen from his body.

He shivers and shakes, moaning as thick ropes cover his belly, thighs and even the computer screen. He grins dreamily and thanks Amber for that experience.  His first time with virtual sex online through webcam sex and it was mind blowing and he often frequents the site looking for Amber.

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