Virtual Sex is the Only Way to Keep the Love Alive

I was waiting for William to come online. I was pregnant and the pregnancy hormones were making me crazy horny. When he was at home he would fuck me senseless all hours of the day. But he had to go out on a short business trip and I was horny as usual. We had had virtual sex in the morning and now I was waiting for him to help me find release. We were going to try webcam sex.

The chat app ringing gets my attention. William’s face comes online and he looks handsome with a 5 o’ clock shadow on his jaw. “Misses me baby?’’ he rasps. “Yes. I did a lot,” I respond. “Is your pussy itching?” he asks and I nod in response, gulping. He smiles and asks me to show my boobs. Excited I slip the robe off and expose my chest to his eyes. He licks his lips as he looks at them.

“Are they sore Baby?” “Yes,” I whisper. “Now play with them for me,” William murmurs. I nod and move my hands over my sensitive nipples. I hiss as they make contact with the tight buds. I lightly press my boobs and feel pleasure coursing through me. I see William’s eyes dilate while looking at me through the cam. “Squeeze your breasts harder,” he commands and I comply. My breathing becomes erratic and I am extremely turned on. It never felt we were having virtual sex, everything was so real.

“Show me your pink pussy baby,” I hear him say and look up to his eyes. He is licking his lips and I can see his hands moving. “Are you touching yourself, Mr. Shore?” I question. “Yes, Mrs. Shore. I am going to shag myself to images of your cherry nipples and pink pussy,” he says brazenly. I color instantly but look up in challenge and say, “Show me your dick,” it is a soft command and he grins mischievously. The camera angle changes and I can see his long hard dick in his hands. He is tugging at the head and each tug sends shivers through me.

I adjust my camera angle as well and focus on the point between my legs. I spread them apart and see William look intently, waiting. Then I push my panties aside and spread my lips to give him a glimpse of my pussy. I start touching my clit as I am horny but he stops e. “Push two fingers inside the tight cunt,” he commands again and I cum just from his dirty words. There is a lot of moisture and I can push in two fingers inside me. I move them just like William moves his dick inside me. Again he asks me to stop.

“Go open the first drawer near the bed,” he asks me. I open it and see a brand new dildo. It’s in the shape of a dick and has wing-like parts that I think will press my clit. I look at him and laugh. “I wanted to make sure you were satisfied even when I wasn’t there,” he says by way of explanation. I lick the dildo and suck on it, just like I would for William. I see his breath hitch. When I feel the dildo is sufficiently lubricated I spread my legs again and push the device inside of me.

My tight channel welcomes the hard dick. I watch William masturbate and fuck myself with dick. I am sensitive down there and combined with the dildo’s curved head I feel like I am there. I switch on another button and the wings on the dildo start massaging my clit. My face contorts and I see William in the same position. As I come in front of him, I see him shooting streams of cum.

“I love you baby, he says. “I love you too. I will be waiting for you tomorrow morning. In bed and naked,” I tell him and cut the call. He is coming home tomorrow and ill make it good for him. For now, he is happy after the steamy virtual sex session.

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