Experienced First sex with Boyfriend BJ Johnson-Part 3

If you haven’t read the previous parts of this story read part-1 and part-2 to get the glimpse of this virgin sex story. BJ and I had been seeing each other a lot now. Ever since having sex on that day, it was difficult to be apart from him for more than a few days. We would talk on phone and I would wait for his call every day. I was loving this part of our courtship. We would still steal kisses whenever we got a chance, but I hadn’t had sex with boyfriend again. I was dying to try new things with him and soon the opportunity arose.

It was a trip that we had planned, driving through lush forests to a resort near a dam. The drive began with kisses and what a beautiful drive it was. We reached the resort but decided to shower. As I was showering, BJ entered the bathroom completely naked and began soaping my body. His slippery hands moved over my body and he paid attention to certain areas like the neck, breasts and my nipples. His constant touch over my chest made me so wet. I reached back, putting my hands over his neck and pushed my breasts into his hand further.

He grasped the nipples again and began playing with them as they swelled. Then his hands move down and rubbing my belly and slowly snaking their way to my clit. He parts the folds and rubs me there, arousing me. He bends down and kisses me hard as I grope his cock. We both shower and dry off. We get to the bed completely naked and lie together. We cuddle a bit and then he decides to go down on me. He spreads my thighs and parts my folds again. He licks my clit once, twice and then gets in deep to suck on it. I feel electric shocks course through me as he sucks on the clit. Each time he pulls on it, I shiver and shake.

The pleasure is too much and I ask him to stop, but he goes on. He gives a final pull and suck and I squirt. The bed under my butt is wet and he is smiling. “That was hot,” he exclaims and comes up to kiss me. I feel exhausted and just snuggle with him. The next morning, I wake up with BJ between my legs. More specifically his head between my legs. My panties are off and he is licking and sucking my clit. His hands come up to my chest and he pushes my top. My breasts are exposed and he proceeds to massage them as he suckles on my clit. He pinches my nipple as well while doing this and I instantly feel wet. Sex with boyfriend is so erotic and he makes me feel so good.

He looks up, his mouth wet from my juices, “Do you want my cock?” I moan and nod in affirmation. He grins and straddles my body. I think he is going to penetrate my pussy. But instead, he comes up and rubs his cock against my lips. I open my mouth and take his large cock in my mouth. I suck on the head a little and rub his balls as he grunts in pleasure. He attempts to fuck my mouth and I let him for a while. Then I start gagging and ask him to stop. He seems to be a little wild now. I watch him as he sheaths his cock in a condom and comes over. I part my legs and he positions his cock. He holds both my hands and then pushes in. The feeling is so good as his large cock expands and stretches my pussy.

He starts rocking in and out of my wet pussy and his balls actually hit my asshole. “I will take your ass next,” he promises. I know he will; I want him to. I squeeze my channel around him and he shivers. Then he just gets out of control and starts banging me hard. His thrusts are hard and the bed creaks with every move. The curve of his cock is touching my g-spot and I feel like I need to pee. I know what this is.  I know I will be coming soon. I begin contracting around him and he groans loudly. He starts fucking me harder, at a punishing pace, faster. Almost like he is rutting. The thrusts are urgent and his balls slap my ass hard. I can hear the slap slap and his movements become strained. His face contorts as I cum around his cock and squeeze him harder.

“Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhh!” he screams as he cums too. He keeps going until I know he is completely spent. He slumps on top of me and puts his head on my boobs. “These are like my personal pillows,” he jokes and I laugh. Was sex this good with all men? I didn’t know and maybe I didn’t care. I enjoyed what I had with BJ and sure do intend to hold on to him as long as we both agree. I enjoyed sex with boyfriend and I will cherish those moments forever!

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