Experienced First Sex with boyfriend BJ Johnson-Part-1

BJ was my first boyfriend and I had met him at a party with common friends. It was strange how I, a virgin at 26 met another virgin who was 24.  He was nice and while friends at first, we moved into the dating territory soon enough. The first kiss was weird and sloppy, wet almost. I wasn’t sure if I had wanted to kiss him and he wanted to very much. Soon our relationship progressed and we experienced first sex soon.

The getting intimate part was quite slow and we had to work towards getting there. He was like any horny young man who wanted things and yet wasn’t quite sure what to do for it. So, we began exploring. Our next kiss was better, slow and sensuous with just the right amount of touching. We were in a cab, sitting at the back when he just put his lips on mine. I was having a headache and I was surprised that he actually chose to kiss me in such an open place. His kiss was so enthralling, hot and passionate. I held on to him tighter as his tongue probed my mouth. The driver could turn around or tell us to stop, but I didn’t care. It was just him and me, embracing each other and him French kissing me. By the time I got home, my headache was all gone. We texted that night and I slept.

Then again, once, I decided to go to his house when he was all alone. There was no plan to stay there but as soon as I got there, he pulled me indoors and just kissed me hard. My lips were bruised and I liked this possessiveness. He kissed me again and this time he pushed his tongue in my mouth. He was sucking on my tongue and holding me so tight. I didn’t realise when he picked me up and headed up the stairs. We came to his bedroom and he put me down on the bed. He moved to get up but I held on to him and dragged him on the bed right next to me. “Don’t you want some refreshments?” he asked. “Nuh-uh,” I mumbled as I began kissing him again.

He held me close to his chest and kissed me deep, it was like I wanted to merge with him. Then he straddled my hips and looked down asking, “Can I take off your top? I want to see.” I nodded in approval. He quickly removed the top and as soon as my bra came into view, he dove down and began squeezing and rubbing my breasts. He plumped one and gently bit the covered flesh. I didn’t feel pain as the boob was covered. But then he reached back and unclasped my bra. He removed the bra cup and then just went crazy.

He was sucking on my nipples as he squeezed the boob. His other hand was busy playing with the other boob. His fingers pinched and plucked on my nipple on one breast as he sucked and nibbled on the other. I was holding his head to my chest, enjoying the pleasure coursing through me. We spent close to two hours, him fondling my chest and sucking on it. We were intimate the whole afternoon and then I left, only come back next weekend when he was alone again. We hadn’t experienced first sex with real penetration yet.

The next week I went to his house, he had this hungry look in his eyes. We began making out again. It’s not like we didn’t meet the whole week. We did, and he would find opportunities to fondle my breasts, making me comfortable with the way he touched my body. He would pinch my nipples as we spoke, sitting next to each other or he would shove his hands inside my bra, getting all wild. Honestly, I liked it, even though I was a virgin. Today, he was in a good mood and he played with me, kissing my neck and licking me. This time though he took off all my clothes and he got naked too.

We both hugged tightly while lying on the bed, naked and entwined. Then he kissed me and made me feel so good. His cock had hardened and he was gently moving it along my nether region. But he didn’t penetrate me that night. We kissed and hugged, exploring each other’s bodies. He took my hand and put it on his dick. It was long and so smooth; I was addicted to touching. He lay back and let me touch and explore. Then he said, “Suck it a bit baby.” I was a little scared but I tried and just sucked it for a few seconds. But the expression he made was like he had found heaven. That motivated me to do it again and again.

I can tell now that I wasn’t much good, but he liked it I guess and over time I got good. That day I sucked him deep and hard. The long, smooth member was almost touching the end of my throat and I could feel something sticky coming out of it. I sucked and licked the opening s he moaned in pleasure. I tasted his cum and didn’t find it so bad. I sucked on him harder till he stopped me and then began masturbating. He spilt all his cum on my belly and then rubbed it in. That moment something hot and inexplicable had happened, but I loved it.

Want to read more of our story and know how we experienced first sex ? Read part 2 coming soon!

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