Experienced First sex with Boyfriend BJ Johnson-Part 2

BJ and I were going strong. If you haven’t read the previous story yet, read the part-1. We were attracted to each other, were intimate and pined for each other when away. Then slowly things started to get hotter and we just couldn’t get enough. There was no opportunity we left to touch each other, to fondle or even kiss each other. We kissed behind closed door elevators, within ATM kiosks and even behind bushes if we got a chance. And then just one day on the fly, we decided to do it. Have first sex and lose our virginity.

This time he came over. There was no one in my apartment and I was alone. So, he came over, with a box of condoms and some wine. I had requested alcohol as I was damn nervous. But before I could swallow even one drop, things happened. Did I mention, he got me so many cute gifts. They weren’t anything expensive but immediately made me happy. He didn’t just come over and jump on me to get into the first sex. He took me out on a fun date. We had all weekend to ourselves and there was no hurry.

That whole night we didn’t do anything but watch crappy movies and laugh. It was dawn before we slept. But when I woke up, I was feeling so good. He was holding me tight and softly snoring against my neck. I was feeling, I daresay, loved. I woke up and decided to surprise him. I ducked under the covers and saw his morning wood. I unsheathed his cock and started sucking on him. Gently at first and then a little more aggressively. He immediately woke up and removed the covers. He smiled and lay back, with his hands behind the head. I continued to suck him and lick his shaft. And then as suddenly he began thrusting in my mouth. I stopped. He was still hard, but he pulled me close and kissed me. The rest of the day went by eating and watching movies.

That evening we were watching a movie again on the bed. It was a slow movie and I started looking at his face. Then I just turned his face around and began kissing him. He became quite passionate and kissed me back. It was hard and unforgiving, as he sucked on my tongue again, I felt something. This “something” made me take his hands and put it over my chest. He began pressing my boobies and plucked at my turgid nipples. Then quite suddenly I was topless and his mouth was attached to my nipple.  He was wildly sucking and biting as I lay and enjoyed his attentions, I knew I was slightly leaking from my vagina just because he was so wild.

Then his fingers began caressing my belly and he brushes the spot just above my pussy. He pulls down my panties just before parting my folds and gently rubbing that sweet spot.  I shiver in pleasure as he rubs me faster and I begin to feel something, I am not sure what. I try to stop him, but he doesn’t stop and I scream, “Ahh! Ahh!”. Something comes out of my vagina, then later I learn that this is normal. He wipes me and starts kissing me again. This time he pushes one finger inside my vagina and it slips in quietly. I don’t feel any pain or discomfort and I start kissing him harder. I touch his cock and press him a little and he moans in approval. He removes his pants and shirt, completely naked as he lies next to me and holds me.

This feels familiar, like we have lain close and naked so many times and I relax. Then he lies above my body and his cock bumps over my clit. I laugh at first and he does too. This immediately relaxes the atmosphere. He does it a couple of times and then tries to push the cock in. He bends down to kiss me and then in one stroke he pushes inside. There is some burning like pain, but it quickly goes away as he begins moving in my channel. It’s like he is touching something deep in me and I shiver with our first sex. The act is so intimate and carnal that I hold on to him tighter.

He is slow and steady, not tiring as I take time to get prepped in the act. His cock moves in and out and my channel doesn’t want to let him go, wanting to hold on, milk him. “Ohh you are killing me,” he says and kisses me. His pace is gentle but relentless, he keeps going. With each stroke he makes me wetter and I wrap my legs around his waist. In this position he goes in way deeper and I feel his cock touching something in my pussy. It feels like there is a well waiting to spout every time he taps it with his cock. As he is making love, he bends down and sucks on one nipple. He pulls at my clit and I am sure I cum. That is what is cumming like, I believe. He keeps going, my cum making it easier for him to move. He grunts once and spills into me. This feeling is unlike any before and I just love how he makes me feel so good.

I know I need to get the pill now if I don’t want a baby. I will get it. I am sure he will get for me if I ask. For now, I just lie in his embrace and love the experience of our first sex.

Wait for part 3 so you know how dirty it gets for us between sheets!

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