Timothy’s loving Grandma

Everyone in school was almost too tired of Timothy’s grandma stories. He would always keep talking about the things he did with his loving grandma. At first, everyone found it sweet how he doted on his old lady but now it has kind of become boring for them. His idea of conversation starter was talking […]

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I finally got to fulfil by fetish for leather

Hi, I am Tim- a guy at 45 years age, I am at the verge of mid-life crisis. I am married to my beautiful wife for almost 20 years now and we even have two wonderful kids. But when it comes to our bedroom romance, I am far from happy. There is nothing wrong with […]

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Banging the Girl of my Dreams and Satisfy my Fetish Desires

I had been planning a trip to Japan for a good while. I had saved money, booked tickets and made bookings at hotels. But maybe it wasn’t in my destiny because at that time, the covid pandemic struck and everything was put on hold. I had booked my stay such that I had an opportunity […]

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