I finally got to fulfil by fetish for leather

Hi, I am Tim- a guy at 45 years age, I am at the verge of mid-life crisis. I am married to my beautiful wife for almost 20 years now and we even have two wonderful kids. But when it comes to our bedroom romance, I am far from happy. There is nothing wrong with my wife though. She is loving and caring and enjoys sex. But to a certain limit only. You see, she is a pious Christian and believes any experimental approach to sex is sin. So, for twenty years we had been practicing completely conventional vanilla sex. I have many fetishes and one of them is fetish for leather.

I only ever dared to tell her about my fetish once, in a drunken stupor. She did not take it well. I knew well enough to never again bring it up. But the heart wants what it wants. The result was a pretentious marriage over the years. The worst part is I do love my wife but I feel no connection. And revealing the reasons would only put me in the bad light as no one cares about fetishes much. I continued living our mundane married life and occasionally looked for ways to spice it up outside marriage.

This is one time when I was in Aachen. It was a business trip and I was buckled down with work. But I had one free evening. I knew what I want. I have heard a lot about escorts in Aachen and how they are the most charming girls who will do everything you want. I looked up the internet and booked a girl called Miranda with some very specific instruction. She was to come in the evening.

I waited with bated breath hoping she follows all the instructions I have sent to her. Around 7 in the evening, there was a knock on the door and I eagerly went to open it. At the doorway stood Miranda. She was wrapped in a thick fur coat and I could only see her stocking clad legs visible under it. I invited her in, though I felt a little disappointed- this is not the vision I had in mind.

Once she was inside, she asked me if I can help her remove the coat. Once her coat was off, I was thrilled. She was wearing a leather cat-suit. It accentuated her breasts and hips really well. The glistening shine of the leather was making me hard already. This is what I have been fantasizing for years now, fetish for leather. I could not believe it was happening for real.

She smiled and looked at me. I quickly removed my t-shirt and pants and pounded on her. I threw her on the bed and held her tightly against me, sniffing at the leather suit. I licked the suit while she was still in it. I noticed, there were flaps buttoned over her breasts and vagina. I unbuttoned them and her breasts popped out. It was the perfect vision. I sucked her breasts and squeezed them hard. I kept fingering her vagina at the same time. The leather felt so smooth under my touch.

Miranda was moaning slightly as I kept fingering her and licking her nipples. Then suddenly she threw me off her and got on top of me. she started teasing me by rubbing her wet pussy on my hard dick. She kissed my chest and neck and slowly climbed down off me. She stopped at my dick and quickly popped it in her mouth. I was ecstatic to feel her lips wrapped around my dick. I could not remember the last time I experienced a blowjob. The best part is she is really good at what she was doing.

My dick was painfully straining in her mouth- ready to erupt any moment. She probably realized that too and stopped sucking so hard. Instead, she invited me to get kinky and she got an idea about my fetish for leather. I had a pair of leather handcuffs and a flogger with me. I quickly cuffed her down on the bed with her ass in the air. Then I unbuttoned the flaps on her butt cheeks to expose her round and pink flesh buttocks. I flogged them a couple of times till they turned red.

Then I could not hold back anymore and I started drilling her hard. I pounded my dick deep inside her and fucked her while clawing at her leather cat suit. She was moaning in the pillow and the sound of it made me even more hard. I kept going on and on for another thirty minutes without a break. Her legs were flaying and I could see her boobs jiggling hard.

Then I finally climaxed inside her and filled up her pussy with my love juices. I withdrew my penis and let the last few drops of my semen fall on her back. She looked beautiful as the juices slid down her back on the black leather suit. I uncuffed her hand and turned her over. She looked exhausted and almost faint. But I was not done yet. The sight of her breasts was making me hard once more. This time I quickly pushed my dick inside her in the plain old missionary position. I kissed her lips and her neck.

I kept fucking while she wrapped her legs and arms around me. Soon I felt her grip tighten and she was moaning loudly. I knew she was about to orgasm and soon I felt the warm gush of liquid drenching my dick. She smiled and loosened her grip. I kissed her and then kept fucking till I climaxed once more. When we were both done, I lied down on the bed, huffing. Miranda got up and washed herself. Then she got dressed in regular clothes and kissed me goodbye. She was gone in a few minutes while I laid down and fathomed what just happened. I had no regret and at that moment, I felt like the happiest man alive. I fulfilled fetish for leather and may be in future, I could enjoy some other ones as well.

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