The Doctor Anal-yzed my Body

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? It is a common proverb that we have heard since childhood. What if I do not want to keep the Doc away? I mean if he is a hot stuff. I must be making no sense, thus I would like to narrate my story. If you guys are patient enough to hear me out, I assure you that you shall not be disappointed. Let me present a brief introduction to my life, of course I would be writing the relevant ones. I shall write about the time when I was merely 19 and a doctor Anal-yzed my Body.

I am Jane. I am in my late twenties and I am kind of afraid of losing my youth to professional obligations. I am a teacher by profession. I live with my boyfriend whom I met a couple of years back in an educational workshop. I would be lying if I said that I am satisfied with my boyfriend. I mean, he indeed is a great guy but sometimes he is just boring in bed. I sometimes resort to toys for my high libido, of course, in his absence. Last night I made myself cum to the memories of Doctor Kevin.

It was summer holidays and I was going through a tough break up with my ex. Finally, my mom suggested that I should see a therapist for my deteriorating mental health. The following week, I made an appointment with Dr. Kevin and waited in his clinic until he arrived. The compounder, a good chap, got me a few magazines to go through. The doctor arrived and shot me a smile. He was a tall and well built with grey eyes and dense brown hair. In conclusion, he indeed was good looking, the kind of guy my girlfriends would go crazy about. He did not look more than thirty.

The session began and he asked me random questions to make me comfortable. Although, I had a tough time opening up, eventually, I found myself talking to him about my recent break up. He listened to me patiently and inquired about my coping mechanisms. I did not know if I was comfortable talking to him about my addiction to fags so I chose to remain silent. He got up from his chair and walked towards me. I was startled.

“How about you have better sex and teach your ex a lesson?”

“I don’t understand, Doctor” I uttered under my breath.

“You know, you are young and beautiful. You should explore the other fishes in the ocean,” said he, rather whispered.

I could feel his warm breath on my neck and I shall admit that I was turned on. He smiled at me and put his hands around my waist and dragged me to him. I was taken aback but not disappointed. He leaned forward and kissed me while sliding his strong fingers inside my yellow sundress. I could feel him grabbing my ass and caressing it.

I put my arms around him and let him suck on my tongue. I grabbed his hair, licking his neck in between intense kisses. He slid his arms to my thighs, pinching them. In no time, he reached for my panties. His index finger touched my clit and I was highly aroused by his touch. I bit his shoulders, breathing on his neck and I could feel his fingers inside me. My legs have been shaky all the while and I knew I wanted him inside me. He pulled the strap of my dress down and reached for my tits, grabbing them with his hands, caressing them and sucking on them, breaking the kiss.

He was excited too. He dragged me to his table and made me bend on it. It was the first time I was about to try this position. My tits pressed against the table top, he pulled his big cock out. He rubbed it on my clit and teased me for a while. Doctor Kevin was good with his fingers. But what caught me off guard is that he shoved his dick in my ass. It was a new sensation but it did feel good. He kept thrusting deeper, exploring my guts. He pulled it out, rubbed the dick on my crack and started to finger me with his long slender fingers again.

I moaned in pleasure while he grabbed my tits and slapped them. He spanked my ass, uttering cuss words underneath his deep breath and pushed the dick back into my ass. He kept thrusting deeper and harder and the pace increased with every stroke. I could feel the dick throbbing inside me and I liked that. A final long and hard stroke and he ejaculated all over my voluptuous butt, making it as wet as my pussy.

So, this was the best and the most effective therapy session I have attended where he Anal-yzed my Body and I shall cherish it throughout my life.

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