Sex in the school detention room

“Why can’t you just mind your own business, I fuck my ex in the washroom or under the shower, none of it has anything to do with you. I hear you gossiping about me the next time, I will make your life a living hell in this school-” I was cut by one of the teachers, “Now that’s enough.” Someone yanked me out of the crowd. “Detention!” I heard the lady shout right on my face, to which I just smirked, “for one full hour” she must have seen me smirking. I groaned inside. The school was just getting exhausting these days with so many rumors still stirring around after my recent breakup. People whispering around everywhere I walked and girls giving me that ‘you’re a slut’ look. I didn’t know this detention was going to be memorable and would experience sex in the school.

The rest of the classes went by quickly I was dreading the detention and I was starting to regret smirking at the teacher. I didn’t want to be seated in a class doing homework with the other notorious kids laughing around at me. A break up if you ask me here at school is not such a huge deal, but mine became one. He was a playboy I knew that from the beginning, he was too hot to just let go when he asked me out. We broke off because we lost interest in each other. It was all normal and fine until on the fifth-day post our break-up when I came to school. The news had spread out that I had sex with my bf. From then on it got pretty ugly, not only did I hear upright comments from boys while walking by I also got about 16 message requests on Instagram from boys asking me for a nightstand.

The walk inside the detention room was kind of haunting for me. The room was empty and that very day no one else except me had got a detention card. I took a seat and started working on my calculus assignment. It has forever been my weakest subject. The class was so silent everyone must have left the campus by now. Generally, the school council keeps a teacher to watch the game students, but no one was there today. The pin drop silence was making me drowsy. I opened my tie and a few top button of my T-shirt and put my head down on the desk. Just right then a teacher walked in, I got up immediately pretending to be studying. He must be the new hot teacher every girl has been talking about except for my break-up. He looked cute. Damn it, he just caught me staring at him.

I felt someone touching my right boob and rubbing it. I flicked my eye open trying to get away from the hand. I must have dosed off again, my breast were up for show bulging out my white shirt and my tits just covered by an inch. “It’s okay you don’t have to panic” it was the new teacher, Michael. He stood in front of my desk hands in his pocket, “why are sleeping in the detention class?” He asked. I was out of words, “umm.. I just dosed.” I whispered, he was just too intimidating. “You are punished and you still have the audacity to dose around huh!?” He sounded frustrated.

His gaze was so intense that I couldn’t move a limb, not even to cover my boobs. “I am sorry sir!” I said, “sorry won’t do, cause you are not” I shouldn’t have been so careless I guess. “What should I do sir,” I asked, sorry written all over my face. He was just touching my boobs before I got up and he has been acting like nothing happened maybe I was dreaming. He is too hot to go for me anyway and I really wanted his touch. I really didn’t care if I end up having sex in the school or what. “Get up” he ordered, I followed him into the staff room. “My desk is dirty, clean it up and then we will work on the files”. The desk was indeed dirty, I started of with the pens, Michael sir sat on his chair staring at his phone. I was almost done and it look much neater.

I noticed sir getting up and walk up to the door to close it. I would have asked him the reason for doing so but I don’t think I was in the right place. “Could you bend and wipe it clean” he requested. While I was trying to reach the ends of the table to wipe it, I felt something hard against my back. He slid his hands above my stomach and started unbuttoning my shirt exposing my entire body, rubbing his cock against my back, pulling my bra down to expose my nipples, and pinching them. I get my hands behind my back feeling his dick over the pant. “Your a naughty student” he whispers in my ears. He turns me around getting me down on my knees. I remove his pants and saw his huge penis, even bigger than my bf’s dick. I slowly pull back his foreskin and lick his pink top with my tongue filled with saliva driving him crazy. I gave him a nice blowjob and he really enjoyed it.

He lifted me off the floor slamming me against his table which I had just cleaned. He slid his hands all along my back reaching out for my panties. He removed my panties and started licking my vagina. He started fingering me with one, then two and then three fingers. The room was filled with my moaning sound but we didn’t care as we were enjoying the amazing sex in the school. I had cum already and he kept fingering me. Then got up and pushed his penis inside my mouth. He started mouth fucking me and I did what he wanted. After a while, he exploded in my mouth, the sour bitter taste made me flinch.

He held my neck choking me and lifting me, making me lie down on the table. “Will you get detention again?” He asked stroking his dick. I wanted to say yes if I got what I am getting today but instead I said “No”. He pulled my legs bringing me to the edge of the table, spanking me hard. I screamed, he lightly slapped my cunt and I jerked back. “You have no manners do you?. Where is the sir?”. He said slapping my cunt again. Fuck me already, “no sir” I corrected myself. He pushed his penis tip and I felt a bit of pain. Without any warning, he pushed it completely, held my boobs and started fucking me very hard. The thud thud sound added with both of our moans filled the room completely. I didn’t experience such a kind of aggressive sex even with my bf and I was getting it all having sex in the school. After fucking continuously for around 20 minutes he pulled his penis and came on the floor. We both were exhausted and got dressed up to leave for home. But, his desk was again dirty.

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