I got the juiciest 20-year old to satisfy my needs

Hello I am Jessica and this is the story of my life. You can judge me all you want for the affair but nothing is above that satisfy my needs- physical and emotional. Let’s start from where it all started- my brittle marital life. I have been married to Kenneth for twelve years but childless. Over the years, this has become the reason behind the distance between us. Today its irreparable.

When I found out Kenneth is having an affair, it was the last straw. I looked for ways to get out of this situation. Dating apps, meeting guys at the bar, even strip chat- I tried everything. I guess Strip chat worked the best for me. Though in my forties, I still have a body to flaunt proudly. I know how men can’t help but glance twice at my supple breasts and curvy body when I am walking down the road.

This is where in met several guys but Leonard stood out. He is a 20-year old first year kid from a local university. The guy looks more matured than his age. His intense greyish-blue steely eyes, auburn hair and chiselled face made him look like a model. But his attitude was what that interested me most. I have been having virtual sex for a while with several guys including him to satisfy my needs. But Leonard is the reason I want to take the leap of faith and go beyond the virtual world.

After chatting with Leonard for some time, we turned out to be neighbours. I blurted out inviting him to my home in the upcoming weekend. I was blushing wondering because I did that but Leonard smiled slyly. Then he asked wouldn’t my husband mind. I was quick to respond that he would not be home at all that day. Leonard’s smile widened and he responded that he will be there by six in the evening that day.

I could not rest the entire day. I took a shower, waxed and made sure I smell good. I chose a ruby-red evening dress that ended almost four inches above my knee. I had long and toned legs and knew the effects of flaunting them. But somehow, I was rather sure about my intensions and eagerly waited for him to come.

Leonard was quite punctual and rang the bell around six in the evening. I warmly invited him in and suggestively turned my back, giving him a view of my butt and thighs.

I saw his reflection on the mirror opposite to the door. He was hungrily checking me out- just what I wanted and expected. We sat down on the couch with some wine and nachos. As we talked, I occasionally smiled seductively and checked him out up and down. I asked, “So? Are we just going to chat?”

It did not take more than that to get him going. Leonard came forward and kissed me passionately. He was crushing my body against him as he kissed. I could feel his rock-hard abs against my boobs. He did not take long to quickly remove my dress and bury his face in my boobs.

He kissed and sucked on my left boobs. I moaned slightly while he squeezed them hard. I was clutching his hair and crushing me harder on my boobs. I slowly slid my hands down his body and to his pants. I quickly unzipped his pants and felt his boner on my hand.

I pushed him slightly and he fell backwards. I went down on my hands and knees and held his dick within my fist. I looked straight at his eyes and smiled as I put his dick in my mouth. As I started to suck harder and harder, he moaned loudly and murmured my name. I went even harder. At one point I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth. Suddenly Leonard grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up against his chest.

Our eyes met and we looked at each other. He kissed me delicately while I sat straddled over him. Then with one hand he adjusted his dick in position and suddenly he had pushed his dick inside me. I gasped and smiled. it has been so long since I experienced such pleasure. He was really energetic and kept pushing harder and harder inside me.

In about half an hour, I could feel a tension in my tummy and knew I was about to climax soon. I soon felt a gush of hot juices streaming out of my vagina. My entire body shivered with pleasure. I hugged him tighter and blabbered his name as I climaxed. I could see him watching me with awe and desire. At the same time I want to satisfy my needs too.

As soon as I climaxed, he suddenly rolled me over and was on top of me. Now, he was hugging me close and kissing my neck and throat as he fucked me. Every time he hit my G-spot and I moaned out. Soon, I was kissing his neck and licking his earlobes. He moaned even louder and soon I could feel his body vibrating over me. he was about to climax.

I egged him on and asked him to climax for me. He could not hold in anymore and soon he was filling up my vagina with his juices. In some time, he was moaning loudly and hugging me tighter. As soon as he climaxed, he plopped down on me and panted. He was sweating but was smiling with contentment. We kissed once more and finally he got off me.

We were cuddling and hugging each other while murmuring sweet nothings. I was realising finally that I had started an affair after all. But I was not worried or regretted it at all. If anything I was already eagerly thinking about planning the next date. Needlessly to say, I was decided to go forward with the relation. This was perhaps the best experience I ever had in my life and would never want it to stop.

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