When I had anal sex for the first time with my boyfriend

Varun was my boyfriend and we were in a relationship past the three years. Although, lately we were doing a lot of long distance as he had to travel for work. Soon, it was going to be his birthday and I wanted to plan something special for him. Also, I did not want to spend it away from him. That’s when I had anal sex for the first time.

Thus, I thought of planning a surprise for him. I casually asked him his schedule and decided to visit him. I planned everything and even packed a lacy thong for him. I reached his hotel on the eve of his birthday.He was surprised to see me there.

He got really excited and kissed me as soon as he saw me. I ordered a sinful chocolate cake from the hotel. Also, I changed in to my red lingerie for him. He got super excited. We cut the cake together. After that, he started kissing me.

Then, he undressed me and I took the chocolate cream and casually sucked my finger. I knew that this turned him on even more. After that, I took more of chocolate cream and applied it on my boobs. Now, he carried me and pushed me on the bed. He started licking my boobs. He sucked them and played with my nipples. I was moaning in pleasure. He licked all the chocolate cream from my boobs.

After that, he just played some soothing jazz on his phone. We both appreciated jazz music and loved doing it while listening. I grabbed him and pulled him towards me. After that, I removed his shirt and started biting his nipples. He always used to love it. He groaned in pain.

Then, he inserted his hand in my panties. He could feel my wet cunt. I was so aroused by that. He causally rubbed his fingers there and took off his hand. He used to enjoy teasing me a lot. Then, he again started playing with my breasts. He started forming a rhythm where he used to tease me while rubbing his fingers on my pussy and then sucking my breasts.

After a while, he removed my panties and went down. He kissed, sucked and licked my pussy. I was really aroused by that. I started moaning with pleasure. Then, I could feel his hard dick. Although, he took out a condom from the adjacent drawer. This was not the first time that he was going to fuck me but, I was super excited about it.

This long distance was not very fascinating and thus, I was so ready to take him. He slowly inserted his hard cock in my pussy. I could feel every bit of it. He inserted in completely and started thumping softly. I was enjoying the momentum. He took it out and in, just to tease me. I was getting lost in the moment, until he increased the speed suddenly. I screamed with pain and excitement. He kept on thumping until he came.

After that, he kissed me and cuddled me. However, Varun always wanted to try anal sex. I was really shy about it. So, on his birthday, he asked me again. I was so turned on by him and I just reluctantly agreed. He immediately grabbed my elbows and twisted me. He asked me to get on my fours in doggy position. I was excited and high for anal sex for the first time.

Then, he started spanking my ass. I groaned with pain in the beginning. However, as soon as he increased the speed, I found myself getting aroused by the whole thing. Hence, before I knew, Varun inserted his hard penis in my asshole. It pained in the beginning and I wanted to tell him to stop.

However, I agreed to experience the whole thing and it was his birthday so, I did not want to stop him. He went all in and started thumping. I came much earlier in this one. I completely surrendered by the end of it and got multiple orgasms.

After that, we both were tired and so, we slept off. In the morning, Varun asked me to dress up as he had taken the day off. He took me to the best romantic brunch in town. We talked and spent some quality time with each other after a night full of action.

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