How I became centre of attraction for rich gay men

Hello friends, my name is Ricky and this is the story of how I became a paid cross dresser two years back. It was during the Christmas holidays when I was in need of some money. I called my friend Kris and asked for his help. Though he agreed, he asked a favour in return. When I met him, he told me that his job was in danger and that the only way to save is by pleasing my boss. He told that his boss was a bisexual who had a thing for cross dresser. I used to dress like a girl at times but never showed it to anyone. Kris came to know about it when he once caught me in a floral maxi dress, masturbating myself. That small incident changed my life and I became centre of attraction for rich gay men.

I agreed to what my friend said as I needed money. He said that he would only give me money once the work is done. He booked a hotel room and asked me to be there on time. When I reached the hotel room, the boss opened the door. He welcomed me inside and gave me a glass of water. He then asked me to go change in the bathroom. I went inside and changed in a mini skirt and crop top. I even wore a padded bra and a lace panty. I even applied lipstick and wore big earrings. When I came outside, the boss gestured me to sit next to him. I obeyed.

He then pulled me towards him and started kissing me passionately. Then, he pushed me on the bed and came next to me. He then kissed my neck and ate my ears. Then, his hand moved inside my top and he played his fingers around my stomach. He then removed my top and then unhook my bra. He started biting my lips while playing with my erect nipples.

After playing with my nipples for some time, he removed my skirt and placed his hand on my ass cheeks and spanked them hard, making it go red. I got all turned on and pushed him on the bed and got up. Then, I bent down and unzipped his pants. He removed it and took out his semi-erect cock out. He then grabbed my hair and pushed me down towards his dick. When the tip of his dick touched my lips, I opened my mouth wide and took the entire dick in my mouth and started sucking it with passion.

I even licked his balls, making him all horny and wild. Then, he pulled me up, made me turn in a doggy style and then asked me to spit on his dick and make it wet. I spat on his dick and spread it all over his dick, making it ready to fuck me. He then took it out of my mouth, made me bent and grabbed my throat, inserting his monster cock inside my asshole. I cried in pain but he was merciless as he fucked me hard. He then placed his other hand on my cock and started stroking me. I was on cloud nine. It was a wild affair.

The boss was grabbing me by my throat and stroking my dick while humping me in my ass as if giving me the punishment for a crime. Soon, he released his cum inside me. He then turned me on my back and sucked my cock and made me cum inside his mouth. He didn’t swallow it but came close to me, kissed me and transferred my cum in my own mouth and swallow it.

We had a few more rounds. After that, I left and met Kris outside who paid me a good amount. Ever since then, I have been giving my ass to many and became the centre of attraction for rich gay men.

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