Being dominated by my wife when I wore her dress

I have been into cross dressing for a while now and have kept it a secret from my wife. She likes to play and is a dominatrix. Usually, we go into dom and sub mode where I worship her cunt with my tongue as she flogs my ass. I like getting dominated by my wife. But tonight, she saw me, in my female form. I was at a local club, which she doesn’t frequent, with my gang and we were all dressed up as pretty women. I was wearing her glitziest dress and had a full face of makeup with a wig. Yet she recognized me. Now I am going home and I am not sure what awaits me.

The lights are on even though it’s pretty late. I know Ashley – my wife, is up and waiting. I unlock the door and make my way to the living room. And there I see her, in full dominatrix costume. I am hard, looking at her and thinking how she will punish me. She beckons me forward and asks, “You like wearing dresses is it?” I nod. She continues, “Is there a cock under that dress?” I nod again. She comes closer and holds my cock through all the clothing. “Hmmm,” she purrs and pulls me by my cock to the couch. “Do you want to be to be a good sub? I need to punish you for keeping this a secret,” she says. “Yes, punish me,” I say. During roleplay also she makes it look natural and I enjoy getting dominated by my wife.

She smiles and squeezes my cock. She leads me to the staircase and I can see a pair of handcuffs there waiting for me. She is tugging at my cock and taking me there. I obediently put forth my hands and she attaches the cuffs. They are short and keep my hands tied to the railing. She pushes my back down so I bend a bit. My short dress rides up and I can feel the riding crop go over my back thighs. Higher and higher it goes, lifting the dress up and exposing my briefs. She gently smacks my balls through the underwear and I jump a bit. Then she lifts the dress up, exposing my butt.

She grabs my balls and massages them. I wait anxiously and also try to enjoy what she is doing to me. My cock is rock hard, expecting to be touched, the way she is touching my balls. Then thwack! I feel the crop hitting my butt cheek. “Oohh!” I squeak. She laughs and begins hitting my buttocks with the crop. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Three hits in quick succession. My cock is leaking now and I want her to touch my cock. I moan so she asks, “What do you want servant?” “Please touch my cock,” I beg her. She seems to ignore me and then hits me again, but this time with a flogger. She hits my naked butt again when I moan.

Then very unexpectedly her body comes close to my back and I feel her breasts on my back. She grabs my cock through my underwear. She has a firm grip as she rubs my erect cock and plays with the cockhead. I love the feeling of it. Then she pulls down my underwear and smacks my ass again. I am flogged 20 times and each time she makes me count. Also, by the time she is done, I am leaking cum. “Please let me lick you mam,” I ask her. She giggles and goes up the stairs, sitting between two rails and exposes her cunt to me. I begin licking her folds, fully using my mouth to lick and suck every fleshy part. She spreads her legs and I latch on to her clit. I lick and suck on it hearing her pleasure. I also push my tongue in her pussy before she pulls away.

Then she walks down and licks the head of my cock. She unlocks the handcuff and again I am tugged by my cock to the bedroom. She then ties my hands to the headboard again. “Lovely dress,” she says as she carefully takes it off. Now I am fully naked. She moves down my body and finally takes my cock in her hands. She watches me as she rubs my length and shivers run through my body. She takes the head in her mouth and licks all over. She sucks on it and then takes the full length in. The foreskin pushes back and my sensitive spot is exposed in her warm mouth. She licks it gently with her tongue and I twitch in sensation. My hips begin to move involuntarily and I buck. She continues to suck and blow me while massaging my balls.

Just as I am about to cum, she stops. I look at her in disappointment and she smiles wide. My dick is still erect and she comes over and sits on it. She rubs her wet cunt all over my cock and gyrates her hips while sitting on me. The she pushes two of her fingers in her cunt and rubs a bit, testing her lubrication. She makes me suck those wet fingers covered in her juices. Then she positions my cock near her entrance and her pussy takes it in as she sits down. Everything goes as per my dom and I oblige dominated by my wife.

She slowly rides me, getting used to my rod. Slowly she fucks me as my whole length disappears in her sopping cunt. I watch as her pussy sucks my cock and holds on to it. She is holding her nipples and pulling on them. “I want to suck on those babies,” I rasp. She nods and removes the bindings from my hand and I sit up. I suck on them and nibble just as I like. She keeps moving on my cock and the pleasure is too much for me. Her pussy contracts each time I suck hard on her nipples. I know I am ready to cum so I reach down and pull on her clit. This sets her off and she cums. The cunt is holding me tightly and my cock just spills inside her channel.

I am still connected to her when we lay down together. She kisses me on the mouth and smiles, snuggling to hold me closer. I know she has accepted me as I am and I love dominated by my wife.

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