My Girlfriend is a Sexy Cam Girl

When you are love, you don’t want to think anything negative about anybody. You are blinded by their presence, which in return gives you immense happiness. That’s how my love was for Rita. Rita was a beautiful girl, actually, very sexy. Our vibes connected at a music festival and we have been together for over three years now. However, life has its own secrets and I was going to face some secrets ahead. A secret that was devastating yet I accepted it casually that my girlfriend is a sexy cam girl showing her body to please other men.

Recently, Rita was out of town for a few days. And we were worried of how shall we fulfil our desires for one another. That’s when she suggested trying sex chat online and visit I was astonished at first, that my girlfriend is actually asking me to have virtual sex on chat with another woman. But she asked me to keep my mind open and give it a shot, and so I did.

I logged on to one of top sites for this service. I could see many profiles of beautiful girl. Girls, that seemed way out of my league but willing to get naked for me. I thought to myself, this is not adultery if it’s not physical. I thanked my stars for Rita, who has such an open mind. And suddenly, I could see Rita’s profile on the site.

That’s when it all came back together that my girlfriend is actually a cam girl. Her trip was to get on a cam in a hotel room and please lonely men like me. I was angry but also excited to see what she had to offer, so I selected her.

She opened the cam to me and almost screamed in surprise. She was dressed in a lace lingerie which highlighted her curves and creamy skin underneath. I asked her to relax and let the show go on. So she started talking dirty to me. She said that she loved when I tickle her feet, that’s her thing and it can make her cum. So I moved my camera to my feet to show her what she’s been missing. She put on some nice jazz and swayed around the room, cheering to us with a glass of wine. While clinking to the screen, she dropped some wine on her thighs. She bent over to clean it showing her cleavage and the tit that was ready to pop. She stared back at me and asked if I wanted to see her naked. She sexily pulled her panties down and unhooked her bra. She licked her tits and touched her clit, pleasuring herself. Her moans and curves made me hard. I requested her to finger herself and side by side I started masturbating.

She kept talking dirty on the call while we masturbated. We both came together.

She was embarrassed that night but when she came over, we made out as if that incident never happened. Little does she know that I am addicted to cam girls now, for over 2 years now while it took me little while to accept that my girlfriend is a sexy cam girl pleasing other men.

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