Hooking Up with my French Teacher

I was inspired to learn the French language as I was completely inclined towards the arts and literature of the European countries. My parents had insisted on taking private French language coaching so that I could focus without any distractions. My French teacher Adam was a young, hot and tall French guy. He was lean as per his height but somehow his features made him look very mature and sexy. I had started developing a crush on him from the beginning of our tutoring sessions due to his maturity and calmness which was rare to observe in guys. I had never imagined that hooking up with my French teacher is going to disclose a complete wild side of him.

One fine day it was just me and Adam as my other batch mates were absent. I was excited that day to be alone with Adam for a couple hours. As I was the only student in the class, Adam decided to teach me on his study table which is just big enough to accommodate two people. While he was teaching me, my pen accidentally fell from my hand and rolled to the other side of the table where Adam was sitting.

I bent down in front of him to grab the rolling pen due to which he was able to get a complete view of my cleavage and bra inside my loose T-shirt. I was wearing a loose white T-shirt and denim hot pants as it was a hot summer day.

I could see Adam staring at my cleavage which stirred something inside me. Even though I had a crush on him from the beginning, I never thought about getting intimate with him. But this moment alone with him in one room was turning my senses on and with every passing hour, I wanted to feel closer to him physically. I could sense that Adam was a bit distracted due to our little peek a boo moment which gave a greater urge to distract him completely.

So, I subconsciously prepared to pull another stunt and dropped my pen near his leg. This time I bent down and started tracing his legs with my hands where the pen had fallen. Slowly I moved upwards and groped his crotch above his clothes. I could hear him go stiff at this sudden action of mine, but I didn’t stop. I had made up my mind now about hooking up with my French teacher and see what I have ahead.

I got down on him, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his boxers. I licked the tip of his crotch with my tongue and then started moving my tongue on his crotch in up and down motion. He was getting hard and I could taste the pre-cum with my increasing sucking. I took him deep inside my mouth and sucked him hard till he was close to coming.

His sexy moans and groans made me wet down there and I wanted to be fucked by him very rough and hard. As soon as I stopped, Adam grabbed me and made me sit on the chair. He lifted my T-shirt and pulled down my bra. He started sensually sucking my hard tits. It was slow yet very sensual and erotic. He kissed my navel and unbuttoned my shorts. He pushed my panties on one side and started fingering my pussy with the other.

Both of us were so turned on that it was difficult to wait for long. So, when he was about to put his tongue on my pussy, I grabbed his head and kissed him roughly on his lips. He was startled by seeing this wild side of me as I usually came across being a quiet and studious girl. We didn’t realise that we had landed up in a missionary position while sucking each other’s lips with him on top of me.

I begged him with my eyes to fuck me hard as I was unable to contain my orgasm and wanted my sweet release. With one sudden thrust, he entered inside me. It was the most pleasurable moment of my life. After some minutes of thrusting and moaning, we both surrendered to our intense orgasms at the same time. We cleaned ourselves after some time and never spoke about this sensual sex experience again. Thinking about hooking up with my French teacher again makes me horny even today.

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