Sexy Moments Up in the Air

I met Lisa in college and then we also had some steamy webcam sex. But that’s not the end. It was because she wanted to relax sexually and didn’t want the hassle of dating a guy. I wanted her. Oh, I so wanted her. But she kept denying me. And now we are stuck together on a plane. Right next to each other, in economy. Why, you ask? Because we are on a freaking college trip or an educational trip if you prefer. That was it. I had some sexy moments up in the air itself.

I can feel her from my seat and she is anxious. I look at her and realise something. “Are you afraid of flying?” I ask her and she swallows then nods. “Do you want me to distract you?” I ask her. “How?” she responds. When the seat belt sign is on the plane begins taxiing I take her face in my hands and put my lips on her. I kiss her hard forgetting myself or the fact that we are on a plane. She relaxes and leans into me for more. I push my tongue into her mouth and explore her. The plane takes off and once we are cruising altitude I stop kissing her. “That was….” she doesn’t continue, instead she started blushing without looking at me.

I smile and look out the window, but I can her side profile as I am in the aisle seat. It’s a long flight and people are beginning to take naps. On our row, we are the only ones awake. Lisa still looks anxious, “Can you distract me again, please. I am unable to sleep,” she looks at me and whispers. I grin again. ‘You like the mile high club is it?” I ask and she laughs. I really was waiting for this kind of sexy moments to bring the zeal back.

I lift up the hand rest between us and move closer to her. I put my arms around her shoulders and bring my mouth to hers. As I am kissing her I feel her take my hand and put it on her thigh, under the blanket. I lift up and ask her, “Do you want me to go there?” She bites her lower lip and says, “Yes.” I kiss her mouth full on, making out like I am in heat. My right hand moves under her flimsy skirt and skim over her panties. Damp.

Now I cannot control myself longer. So I push the panties aside and part her vertical lips. I rub her parting slowly and then get to her clit. The nub is jutting out, wanting to be petted. So I do that. I pet her clit and she almost jumps out of her chair. “Relax,” I whisper against her lips and look into her eyes as I circle her clit with my forefinger.

She is biting her lips as I keep circling her clit and finally I touch it. I rub it a little, put pressure on it and pluck on it. My left hand moves lower on her back and I reach around to cup her left breast. She lets me. And she keeps her hand over mine on her boob and presses it.

Her hands keep pressing over mine and I can feel her nipples getting harder. I put pressure on her clit some more and switch fingers. My thumb goes on her clit and the other finger enters her tight pussy. She is breathing hard now. I push in and out of her wet channel and keep rubbing her clit. She is looking at me as I pleasure her like an exhibitionist.

As she presses her hand over mine on her breast again, I say, “I can feel your nipples through the shirt. God, I want to bend down and suck on your tits, Lisa. Your pussy is so so tight and I wish my cock was pounding into you.” As if on hearing my dirty words her body tenses and she free falls. She shakes and holds her hand to her mouth, silencing her orgasmic scream. Once I am done I lick my fingers in front of her. She blushes

She settles in for a nap but before that, she turns to me and says, “Would you want to come to my room in the hotel tonight?” “Would you only like virtual sex rule and sexy moments with me?” I ask. “That just flew out the window,” she grins and settles on my shoulder for her nap, leaving me grinning with joy.

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