Hookup with a Freelance Painter- An Artistic Sex

I am a 35 years old man who has a beautiful wife, and a 4 year old daughter. Things were good between me and my wife. We used to be happy. But lately she’s this cranky bitch all the time who always rants about everything going on at her work. She always yells at me, at our child. Obviously our sex life is getting affected because of this more than ever. I wanted peace. One of my colleagues suggested me a dating app one evening. He showed me how to use it, told, “You just gotta right swipe mate that’s all”. I used it for a week but did not find a good match. I found a match from another dating site naughty find. She was hot, real hot. I checked out her profile carefully. Amy, age 27, freelance painter. In her first picture she was wearing a red lacy short dress. I texted her with an intention of teasing her, asked if she’s interested in body paintings, her reply blew my mind, said, “I’m more into portraits but guess it wouldn’t be that bad if I explore curves rather than plain for a day ;)”. We agreed to meet at her place. She used to live alone. Hookup with a freelance painter would be so fun I didn’t know.

On a Saturday evening I lied to my wife that I had an emergency meeting at the office and went to her place. I knocked on the door at her apartment and within a few seconds she opened the door. She looked nothing like a painter what we usually picture the typical painters on our head. In my case I hoped she would be wearing an old white dress filled with different colors. But instead she was wearing a loose white tee shirt with a denim blue shorts. She welcomed me. It was a small apartment, everything was messy. She asked me to sit on the couch and went to the kitchen to bring some whiskey. While she was walking to the kitchen I noticed she pulled her tee to her left side and tied a knot. That gave me full access to see her navel. That was the teaser of my Hookup with a freelance painter who was sooner going to show me the full movie.

And that’s when I noticed she had a small blue coloured rose tattoo with thorns on her left lower abdomen. We then went through her paintings, she was describing me each and every story behind the paintings. I could feel she was feeling easy with me. At one point I was observing her while she was talking and our eyes meet each other. Her eyes were so deep I didn’t notice that until now. It didn’t last long though. She asked me to wait in the bedroom and went to the fridge and brought a chocolate syrup bottle, looked at my face and seeing me surprised she said, “What? Nervous about body painting?”. I smirked. She came near me, our lips meet, while she was unbuttoning my shirt. She used the syrup bottle as a gun and pointed at my neck, squeezed it so that the syrup dribbles down to my stomach through my chest.

She pushed me to lie on the bed and got on top of me, started from stomach she started licking, stopped at my earlobe, sucked it and whispered, “Plains ain’t my choice anymore I guess”. Her hot breath trembled me. I grabbed her waist and pinned to the bed side by side and my first two fingers slowly roam through her tattoo, then her navel, then unbuttoning her shorts I went down to her panty. She was so fucking wet already. This whole time it seemed like we can’t even blink for once. I slowly started rubbing her clit. Her face was looking perfect, and I was enjoying teasing her like that. Continuing this I went for her neck, sucking to pull a small portion of muscle, then to ease the pain gave a sweet kiss and licked around the portion. Without opening her tee shirt I use my left hand to unhook her bra. She was about to open the tee but I stopped. I was liking it that way. I hardly had any flings in my life and this hookup with a freelance painter was driving me crazy already.

I grabbed her boob with my left hand and was still playing with her pussy with the other. I then got up, sat on the floor, bending the knee, I pulled her towards myself and pulled off her shorts and panty too. I placed my tip of tongue on her wet vagina which was literally dripping, licked it till I get the last drop. I then got up, untied my trouser, pulled down my boxers exposing my fully erect 7′ cock, stretched out her pussy a little more and pushed it in. With the first push she moaned, “Oh yes!”. I placed my hand under her waist, grabbed her tight to not let go of the grip, with my left hand I pulled off her rest of the clothes exposing her light brown coloured juicy nipples. They were hard, pointing upwards. I gradually increased the speed, sucked her breast and was playing with her breast as I want; pulling it, pinching it, flickering sometimes, and kept fucking.

Each and everything I was doing, each and every move she was enjoying. Our thighs thumping each other while fucking, that sound, gradually increasing, her moaning everything was turning me on more and more. The exact curve of my dick was perfect for hitting her G-spot, which made her moan even louder. She squirted like hell. But I was not even close to cum. So she took it in again, I was watching her expression changing by the second, her tits moving in the manner I was fucking her. At this point I felt a little jerk and I immediately pulled my dick out and exploded like hell on her breasts. After a very long time.

She named me “Gentle Destroyer” after that night. I don’t regret for cheating my wife. I love her but I guess everyone deserves peace of mind even if it’s for two hours and those two hours of Hookup with a freelance painter was one of my best sex experiences.

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