Sex Date With a Stranger I met online

Miranda was a cam girl working for one of the best webcam sites. She was pretty and hot both. I had met her through online sex portal. She had just lost her job and thus, was using the site to make some bucks until she found a new job. We used to meet each other on the portal often. Although, one night we decided to meet in person. Sex Date With a Stranger can be interesting and fun both.

We met at her place for dinner and drinks. The amusing part was that we clicked instantly.I was expecting to have sex with her and so, I had carried some porn movies with me. I wanted to spice things up.

She offered me some wine and I was instantly in the mood. Miranda was wearing a red coloured crop top with a mini skirt. She was looking very hot. I asked her if she would like watching a movie. She agreed and I put one of my porn movies.

Miranda laughed and said that she was expecting to watch a romantic movie. I leaned in and smirked. I could smell her and she was all oak and musk. I loved that fragrance. I also saw her full red lips. I could not wait any further.

I grabbed her face and started kissing her uncontrollably. She blushed. I was still kissing her and I grabbed one of her boobs. I started squeezing them. She moaned in my mouth. I found that very sexy.

In the porn movie, I saw the man removing the girl’s clothes. I started following that as well. I slowly removed her top. She was wearing a black coloured lace bra. I again grabbed her breasts and presses her nipples. I heard her whimper and I absolutely loved it.

Then, I removed her bra and her boobs were right in front. She tried grabbing my cock but I did not let her. I told her to remove her skirt first. She followed. Miranda was completely naked in front of me. We were sitting close and so, her breasts brushed against my chest.

In the porn movie, the man had started fucking the woman and her moans were making me hard. I asked Miranda to unzip my pant and grab my cock. Miranda went down on me. She inserted the cock in her mouth and started sucking up and down. I was almost near when I spanked Miranda. It was so amazing that I immediately came.

Then, I pushed Miranda and asked her to kneel. She followed. I started spanking her hips uncontrollably. She screamed with pleasure. I asked her to scream louder. Then, I bent down and brushed my fingers on her clit. She was wet. I casually saw the porn movie and followed what they were doing. The man in the movie was inserting his cock in the woman’s ass and I did the same. Then, the thumping began slowly. It gradually caught speed and both the woman in the movie and Miranda screamed till they came. It was fun.

Miranda told me that real sex is way better than virtual sex on chat. I laughed and agreed to her. We then had the cold dinner naked. Sex Date With a Stranger was one of the best and I found Miranda in my life.

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