First anal sex was so amazing

Being a kinky guy who keeps meeting sweet and timid girls can become a pain in the ass. This has become the basic truth of my life. My name is Alex and this is my story how I finally met a woman who was as wild as I am with whom I had my first anal sex. Trust me- it is not easy. Let me start from the beginning. I am a guy in sophomore year in college. You can say I am averagely good looking and have never been single since my high school days.

I would almost always have a partner but if truth me told, it was never an easy thing for me. For starter, girls my age are quite shy or simply scared to go to far in bed. And I rarely met women older or at least more experimental organically. I did not believe in dating apps and that just made finding someone even more difficult.

This is when I met Lizzy. I was going through a break up when I saw Lizzy in a bar close to my campus. She was the embodiment of thrill. There she was in a daringly short spaghetti dress, dancing like there is no tomorrow near the bar. I was watching her intently when she came my way. I thought she was coming for me but she was actually oblivious to me. She just wanted a beer.

I decided to draw her attention and asked if its okay if I pay for her beer. I thought she would refuse but she just smiled widely and obliged and hopped away. I decided to join her on the dance floor. As we danced together, things got heated up pretty soon and in no time, I was asking her if she wanted to go to my apartment.

She did not refuse. It seemed way too easy. At this point, I was thinking if she was a hooker. Blame it on this website I was browsing in the evening where you can meet exotic Russian London escorts and Lizzy looked pretty enough to beat the girls in saw there. I could not believe my luck that a girl this pretty was also so ready to join me in my room.

But I took her anyway without wasting time. As we were crossing the threshold, I was kissing her wildly and her arms were wrapped around my neck. I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist as I took her inside the apartment. I could feel her dress has ride up to her waist- it was that tiny! I clutched her ass and carried her to the bedroom where I roughly laid her down. Until now I wasn’t sure if I was going to have my first anal sex.

Then I pounced on her and quickly took off the dress. Her body was to die for. Her tits were perky and had beautiful pink nipples. I sucked on them like a baby and occasionally would bite them too. She was moaning loudly and clutching my hair. Then she pulled me up so that my lips were at her level and she kissed them hard. She bit my lips slightly and I could feel them bleed a little. But that just drove me crazier for I realised she was damn crazy!

I could not hold back anymore so I turned her around and made her kneel on all fours. Then I pushed my dick inside her and started pounding really hard. My dick was throbbing for her and kept hitting deep inside her. She almost wailed out- whether in pain or pleasure I really did not care. I spanked her ass hard repeatedly and kept on fucking her. Then she suddenly started shouting to me to put it in her ass! I could not believe my ears!

I have always wanted to try anal sex but none of the girls I have been with was comfortable. And yet, here was this girl who barely know me but was instructing me to take her ass. I did not want to wait long and see if she would change her mind. I positioned my dick at her ass and then pushed hard. It was really tight and I had a hard time entering her. She was moaning and groaning but egged me to get inside faster.

I pushed once more, and with a “plop” my dick was in her ass up to my balls. Then I started fucking her ass. This felt way better than the pussy. I doubt I can ever go back to fucking pussies again after trying my first anal sex. The tightness and the sucking sensation was making me feel like I would orgasm too soon. But I tried my best to resist and prolong the pleasure.

She was using one hand to masturbate while I kept on fucking her ass. If I went a bit slower, she would ask me to go hard. I could not slow down, nor did I want to. So I was going in and out of her ass as fast as I can and she looked like she was in seventh heaven. Lizzy panted and moaned and soon she was shouting that she was about to climaxed. I encouraged her and slapped her ass.

Immediately I felt a spray of hot liquid all over my balls and groin from her pussy. She had squirted while my dick was pounding her ass. It felt so good and her sweaty ass was tempting that could not hold back anymore either. I climaxed inside her ass and filled her up with my juices.

As I pulled out slowly, I could see bubbles of my juices oozing out of her ass. She collapsed on the bed and sighed. Then I kissed her forehead and she giggled and looked at me. Our lips met, and we gently kissed. Slowly it turned into an embrace as we cuddled each other for the next few minutes before we got started again for the rest of the night. Though it was our first anal sex together, we continued seeing each other.

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