Lost virginity with my friend’s brother

Its just a week since I crossed the threshold of eighteen. Legally adult finally! I was jumping with joy imagining the plethora of freedom that will come my way suddenly. But sadly, my forever strict parents remained the same. If anything, they have now become even more aggressively strict. Let me first give you a background here. My name is June- a Indian born and brought up in America by NRI parents who are thoroughly Indian at heart. Now you might be thinking how come this story is about how I lost virginity? Well, its true, read on.

You can say, our home in Manhattan is a tiny India thriving in this busy western city. The moment you cross the threshold of our home, the thorough Indian parenting strictness prevails. So, I never had pyjama parties, never stayed out late, always aimed to be a doctor after school and even her I mostly wear ethnic. It was suffocating and I was looking forward to rebelling at the first instance.

The only friend who was somewhat allowed within this strict periphery was Isabel. She lived down the street and somehow my parents loved her. Occasionally I was allowed to visit her and stay late but never overnight. This happened very suddenly and the day changed everything in my life forever. It was a weekend and Isabel’s parents were going out of town. Before they left, her mother requested my mom to let me stay with her over for the weekend. My mom reluctantly agreed. I was elated. That weekend I went to her home early with my backpack.

When I knocked their door, a tall and lanky guy opened. He was freckled and had a jolly and naughty face. It was Isabel’s brother. Turns out, he was here for the weekend too. I was secretly happy for I always had a crush on him. He smiled and welcomed me in. Isabel came bouncing down the living room and hugged me. That day we had a lot of fun till in the evening Isabel requested me to keep it a secret that her boyfriend would be coming over. She lost virginity to her boyfriend which she vaguely told me earlier.

I was worried but for her sake I agreed. That night, I had to stay in the guest room for her boyfriend took over our room. I was feeling a little awkward and walked around. Suddenly I noticed her brother Isaac watching something on the laptop. I only had time to make out the name of the website- tnapics.com. There were pictures of naked women. He had not realised I was behind him. But when he did, he quickly closed the laptop and turned rather red. I ran to my room. Soon Isaac followed me in. I told him that I would keep it a secret.

But the way Isaac was looking at me made me weak at the knee. He deliberately came up to me. Then suddenly we were kissing. I was turned on by him since I had arrived and I did not even try to resist. I wanted him to look at me as passionately as he did at those naked women as he was tearing off my clothes. He was whispering in my ears how he always desired me and now when I was here, he does not want to resist anymore. I told him not to and in minutes, I was standing there completely naked. I was quite confident about my body, especially my round and huge perky boobs. He was staring with awe at them.

Then he lunged forward and buried his face between them and started sucking and kissing them madly.

I vaguely remembered that I am still a virgin and something told me that he was not. I really did not mind that but I was a little scared by his aggression. Also, I was worried Isabel would find out. But I just could not stop.

Soon, we were both naked and rolling on the bed. He was pulling down my panties when I finally panicked and timidly told him that I am virgin. He smiled and said he knows exactly what to do and would be gentle. He slowly nudged my vagina with his dick. I felt a slight pressure but nothing painful. He gradually increased the pressure and felt a slight pain. Then suddenly he pushed hard and I cried out loud. But he stifled the cry by pressing his palm on my mouth. I lost virginity and I could feel it.

Then he slowly withdrew. I panted a bit while he waited for me to compose myself. Then he asked if I was okay and should he continue. I asked him to go ahead. Then he pushed inside again. This time it was pleasurable. I could not believe it was feeling this good. Who knew sex could be so divine? Isaac was pushing harder and harder for the next thirty minutes. I dug my nails on his back and moaned and buried my face on his neck.

Soon, I felt a knot in my stomach and soon I was erupting and climaxing hard. I clutched him closer with my arms and my legs around his waist. In another five minutes, he was climaxing too and filled up my pussy with his juices. It was so warm. Then he slowly withdrew and then rolled over to the side. Then we kissed gently facing each other. We were holding each other close. He buried his face once more in his breast and started sucking and squeezing them.

He was stiffening once more and I started stroking his dick. He was growing under my hand and soon we were getting ready to start making love once again. We continued to make love all night that day. Eventually, I realised sex was something I just cannot live without. It was the best night and I knew eventually I will want it to continue. The next morning, I woke up to a note from him that said he would want to turn this into a relationship and eventually we were going to date in the months to come. I was lucky that I lost virginity to him and we enjoy such passionate moments.

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