Experience of having Sex with a virgin on plane

After my semester exams were over, I was heading home to spend a couple of days of my holidays with my family. I was waiting at the airport for my flight which was due to depart at around 7:40 pm. The boarding call started around 7:00 pm and I boarded the flight and was adjusting my luggage. Suddenly, a sweet and melodious voice hit the walls of my eardrums. I turned back and saw a girl of nearly 5’3” inches with a thick bottom and average sized breast asking me to help keep her luggage. I helped her and prayed that she sits next to me. However, the luck was not in my favour, and she sat in the next row. My luck was good enough when I had a girlfriend and I was lucky enough to have sex with a virgin girl during my relationship.

Her excitement and nervousness made it clear that it was her first time on a flight. When all the passengers were aboard I released that there aren’t many passengers and the flight is pretty empty. So I tried my luck. I asked her if she is having her first journey in flight. To my question, she gave a small smile, and I offered her my window seat. Then I sat beside her.

Ross: Sorry for bothering you.

Me: No problem at all.

Ross: Thanks, by the way, I am Ross. I am an android developer.

Me: That is Cool! I am James. Agricultural engineering final year.

Ross: Agriculture, you had peculiar thought for taking it.

Me: Kind of.

Ross: Ok.

Then the air hostess came and asked us to tie the seat belt as the flight was about to take off. Ross had a blush while tying her seat belt. I asked why she was feeling shy. She said, “I never talked to a guy in my first meeting and we are going to travel along.” I just couldn’t resist my laugh and said, “It’s ok you can trust me.” The flight took off, and I could sense tension on her face and then it happened, she held my hand. After a few minutes, the air plane was levelled in the air and her tension was gone. She initiated the conversation and asked me about my girlfriend. I told her that I was single but had one during my college first year. She gave an expression of awe and tapped on my cheek with her hand. Suddenly, she asked me how I found her, like in terms of looks. I instantly said ‘hot’. She laughed and gave me a peck on my cheek and said – ‘Do you know this hot girl is still a virgin. Unbelievable, right?’ Listening to that, I got an idea about where this journey might go. Somehow, my mind kept thinking about having sex with a virgin as she looked pretty to me on the first meet itself. I kept her busy in the conversation and we liked each other’s part. She was not openly sharing her thoughts with me as if we know each other for years.

She asked me to move my legs as she wanted to go to the washroom. I did so. As she stepped out, she asked me to come to the washroom after a few minutes. Excited, I waited on my seat for a while and then followed her to the washroom. The door was open, so I entered and there she was, in her melon yellow lingerie, waiting for me to come to have a taste of her. I closed the door and grabbed her closer and kissed her. She was kissing me all sensually and deeply, like a hungry lioness. She slowly removed my shirt and jeans. I was left only with my jockey. Then, she sat on the basin platform, and I got on my knees, ready to have a look of her pussy. It was gorgeous. I stuck my head on her pussy and gave her a love bite. She moaned but then lowered her voice so that the cabin crew doesn’t hear it. I removed her panty and started eating her ripen pink pussy.

After a few minutes of sucking and eating there was a flood of her juices. This was my second experience of having sex with a virgin but undeniably fantastic and thrilling. I could sense the pleasure she was getting by the way she was pulling my hair. She asked me to stop and stepped down. I got aside and handed my dick in her hand. She knew what to do. She was slow and was comfortable in taking my dick inside her mouth. I waited for a while, but the beast within me was demanding action. So I grabbed her from her hair and pushed her skull, to and fro to create rigorous friction. After a few minutes of hard blowjob, I came in her mouth. She cleaned her mouth while I was busy spanking her ass. Then she turned towards me and kissed me again while slowly rubbing my dick in order to wake it up one more time.

She obeyed. I pinched and pressed her boobs hard. She was trying to control her moans and her facial expressions were turning wild. Then, without even letting her realise, I slipped my dick inside her pussy. She cried out in pain, and I had to keep my hand on her mouth. Then I started pushing it in and out with all my force and her eyes were getting wet due to pain. But I was too horny to feel any mercy on that virgin girl. So I buried my dick deep inside her hole, twisted it and fucked her hard. After a few minutes, I was ready to cum. I removed my hand from her mouth, grabbed her tightly from her throat and kissed her hard while fucking her with all my force and unloaded my hot cum inside her, ‘not anymore virgin’ pussy. She was bleeding down there and I too had blood on my dick. The pleasure of having sex with a virgin is painful but having it on a plane, was risky and we could have been caught too. I cleaned her and myself up with tissue and we both dressed back. She left before me and after a couple of minutes, I too went and took my seat.

When we came back, she smiled and said, you are a gentleman and I wanted to give my virginity to whom I am comfortable with. How did you like the kinky session of having sex with a virgin? I said both you and your smile made me yours in the first look and I enjoyed the session. Now, we are in a relationship and I enjoy spending time with her.

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