The husbands of the best friends in Gay Relationship

Shreeja and Neha looked at their husbands lovingly. They both have bonded together very well and they were glad since they themselves have been inseparable since childhood. Naman put an arm around his new buddy Raghav and looked back at his wife chatting happily with her friend. He announced they are going into his study for watching the game and having a few drinks.

Naman and Raghav entered the study, closed the door and hugged each other. They started kissing passionately. They met in a bar two years ago and have been dating each other since then and maintain secret gay relationship. When they saw each other at Naman’s house, they were shocked. But it soon turned into a surprise that they married the best friends. And now they can have their little rendezvous anytime they want.

Behind the closed door, they tumbled on the sofa, on the top of each other. They continued kissing only to break it for taking off their tees. And then they went back hungrily kissing each other. Naman sat astride Raghav and kissed him hard for a few minutes. Afterwards they caught their breath for a while and Naman made his move again. He ran his tongue down his neck and shoulders. Raghav shuddered with pleasure. Naman was a genius when it comes to foreplay. He would find new erogenous spots every time and they gave him butterflies every damn time.

Raghav was slowly moving towards the orgasm. Naman was far from letting him get the release. He slowed down and got down from him. He bent him over on the table and spread his legs. His puckered ass hole looked extremely inviting to him but he had something else in mind. He wanted to try something from the gay sex stories he had read online and wanted to take their gay relationship to the next level. He took a small ice cube from the bucket and slowly inserted in his ass. Raghav moaned loudly and shivered with cold. His sounds were suppressed by the loud TV. And when Naman relaxed a little, he slowly inserted his erection in his hole. As his sensitive tip hit the ice, he felt the chills down his spine. He took a while to get adjusted to the cold and then started thrusting in and out. The heat of Naman’s erection and cold of the slowly melting ice was thrilling. Wives were busy chit chatting outside unaware of the fire melting inside the study room.

He was reaching the high but the sensation wouldn’t let him come. Naman kept moving slowly until the ice melted. And once it did, he increased his speed. He bend over Raghav, running his tongue all over his back and reaching for his shaft from one hand. He kept moving in and out, slowly increasing his speed. He kept shagging Raghav’s hard shaft. He could feel the tension building in both their bodies. It was just a matter of time. He increased the speed. They were inching closer to the earth shattering orgasm. Sweat drenched them, skin rubbing together turned hotter. The tension was unbearable now.

And then, they both orgasmed together with a loud groan. The secret gay relationship gave them immense pleasure as always. They cleaned themselves up, let the air conditioner cool them a little and sipped the drinks. In a few minutes the game ended, of which they haven’t seen anything. They came out together, smiling at each other and sat beside respective wives. They gave them a kiss and talked about how good the game was and planned for the next game. They winked at each other and the wives were happy that they would get to see more of each other. What they didn’t notice that the wives winked at each other as well.

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