How I was left unsatisfied with my hookup

This is my first and only story where I was left unsatisfied with my hookup. I had never been on blind dates and I was never that girl who went for hookups. After being single for a while and on the advice of a few friends I tried adating app. It said it was specially for women. Some people had found serious partners through it so I tried it. But what I didn’t know, that in this country, a modern girl looking for a partner through a dating app means they want sex. Is this true? Hell no!

I was looking for a serious partner and found a few men online that caught my interest. I met a few of them too. And then there was this one person who was from the same community as me and it immediately put me at ease a little. I started talking to him and it felt like we were similar. However, he would often talk about sex.  It irked me a little but I thought ok…he wanted to talk about this, but maybe he is just open minded. And hey, I wouldn’t mind kissing him if we met.

So, I kept chatting with him online and one day he messaged that he would be in my city. He wanted to meet me in and was asking if we could Netflix and chill at night (this is because I liked doing it a lot..albeit alone). But as the date I was to meet him came closer, I began getting apprehensive. Again, because he was always talking about sex and I was a virgin. Not that I was afraid of having sex…but not in a one-night stand. I was apprehensive that maybe he was just using me. So, on the date of the meet I messaged him and told that I couldn’t meet his expectation and wouldn’t meet. He immediately apologised and said he was sorry for being a jerk. I deliberately went to the gym so that I didn’t have time to meet him.

But he messaged again asking that if I wanted to meet him I could. I thought, ok just go to a public place and see him and then come back home. So, I went to bar, where he was already there. He looked younger than his pictures. We began talking, he ordered drinks and I felt he was a good talker. Someone who can speak well is a plus in my books. I was tired, hadn’t eaten and was drinking and this was making me slightly high. I am not sure what information I shared with him, but I felt comfortable talking to him. Whatever he told me, it seemed like he was very similar to me. Then it was time for the bar to close, so we left. He again asked what I wanted to do, watch Netflix?

I was confused, my friends and family were constantly calling me to check if I was ok and at home. I was telling them that I was. It was great knowing people actually cared. But then I decided that I will take a leap. I will at least have stories to share with my grandkids. So, we went to his hotel and by this time I was super high. He offered me sweets and more drinks which I like so I took it.

I had to login to my Netflix account as he “was unable to login to his”. We began watching a serious movie but then he changed it to sex standup comedy. Ok, I watched that too. He began coming close and keeping his hands on my thighs. I removed them the first few times, but he kept coming back. I was a little afraid and blurted that I was a virgin. “How cute,” is what he said.

He put his hand over my shoulder attempting to calm me and then asked if he could kiss me. I took a deep breath and said yes. He kissed my cheeks and then slowly my lips. I like making out so I took part in that too. I made out with him. He was sucking my lower lip and his stubble scratched my chin and cheeks. We began earnestly making out and I was so into it. His palms slid under my sweater and he was caressing my belly and back. He wanted to open my bra, but I stopped him. He again tried it a few minutes later as we kissed, so I removed it on my own.

I don’t remember if I grabbed his cock or what, but my palm was inside his pants. He quickly removed his shirt and pants saying skin to skin and pulled off my top too. I was totally loving the feel of his chest against my breasts. Then he put his hands inside my pants and said that I was wet. He asked me to wash off and I did. I lay down and he went down on me, his erratic tongue moving around, but not touching my erogenous zones.

I tried hard to cum but I couldn’t. Then he decided I was wet enough and tried to push his penis inside my vagina. Because I was a virgin, he was unable to put his cock in me and he didn’t seem to know of any techniques to do so. We tried 69 and he licked my pussy as I sucked on his cock. Then he tried to put his cock in me and I had this searing pain. I pushed him back, so he asked me to ride him and push his cock in me myself. I tried to, but I knew that I hadn’t cum and it was going to be hard. He asked me to masturbate as he watched and I tried to, but he didn’t help me in that and I was so high.

So, I offered to blow him because I knew I couldn’t have sex with him. He seemed to be in a hurry and I wanted slow foreplay. And let me tell you, I have been finger fucked with four fingers. So I know that a penis can go in me, provided I am sufficiently aroused. But with him, it wasn’t happening. I gave him a blow job as he lay on the bed. I licked him, sucked on his balls as I rubbed his cock. I put my lips tightly around his cock and moved so that his foreskin moved back and I could blow him so he felt like he was fucking me.

Then I got on the floor, knelt and he stood in front of me. I took him deep and slow. I touched and massaged his balls as he fucked my mouth. Then he asked me where I wanted him to cum. “Mouth?” he asked. I said I won’t swallow and he came against my mouth. I let the cum fall out and rinsed my mouth later.

Then I said that as soon as the sun rose, I would leave. It was 3 am so I couldn’t leave. I lay down on the bed and held his hand. He did hug me, but then he drifted off and went to the other side of the bed. When it was time to leave, I told him.

He pushed my face down to his cock again, so I blew him again. The only thing that stood out to me was I never came once. I called my own cab, went down on my own. All I got was a kiss to the head.  I messaged once I got back and he said ok. Then radio silence. He disappeared. I felt a little used and whole lot angry on myself. But the story doesn’t end there. Apparently, he was selfish and wanted me as a booty call. I could sense he only needed sex. Chatting, meeting, and even planning for Netflix, it was all for sex. However, sometimes men can be loser as well. They don’t know how to treat a woman. After you get your blowjob twice, just say bye. I left the hotel without any hope and more importantly, without getting a single orgasm, unsatisfied with my hookup !!

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