Dress Like a Boy for my Husband to Keep Sex Life Active

When you are married for 10 years, your sex life tends to get a bit boring. It is the same old missionary followed by doggy or little suckity-suck here and there. Sometimes, even the thought of having fun with a new partner, runs through your mind. But, it’s all the same. You will spend the initial years of your relationship, discovering the body of your new partner and then it all goes back to where you left from. So, the question is, does that make it a wise investment? Well, in my head, its not worth it. So, I tried to put in a bit more effort of making our marriage interesting. I started off by re-observing everything Ronald did on everyday basis to keep sex life active.

He has a funny habit of picking up a men’s magazine and spending time in the loo. We spend many weeknights at Rahul and Annas home where Ronald’s can’t stop praising Rahul for hours. Sometimes, we would come home and make intense sex after an encounter with that lovely couple. I would often wonder what made my husband so horny at a boring dinner. Then it struck me. He had compressed his feelings for men, all these years. And that’s where I found my opportunity to gift my husband, sex with a cross dresser.

On our Friday date nights, when the kids are at their grandparents, I dressed up for him. I wore Rahul’s shirt that I stole from our last outing. I even cut my hair short to look like a boy and welcomed him home. He was shocked but the mere sight of me in his favourite shirt by Rahul, he knew where this night was headed. I held his face in my palm and kissed him. I undressed him in our living room and put my satin robe over him. I even handed him a glass of wine to unwind. He smirked as if, almost confessing that he was a gay cross dresser. That’s when I hit him with the surprise of the night. I stood in front of him and unzipped my manly pants to pop out a brown coloured dildo. He gasped. I took him by his hands in to our bedroom and immediately went down on him. I sucked him hard while he pulled my short hair with both his hands, moaning aloud.

In my head, I kept telling myself, that I am a man of the house tonight and he must at no pint feel otherwise. So, I avoided being gentle and kept him away from touching any of my lady parts. I asked him to turn around, standing by he bedside in an innerwear t-shirt, male briefs and a long hard dildo between my legs. He obeyed. I kneeled behind him and rimmed his love hole. I separated the cheeks and shoved the hard dildo up his arse. He almost screamed in pain which immediately followed by remembering the lord. I fucked him hard and I felt powerful. With each stroke, I felt, that after 10 years, this man was vulnerable in my presence. I bent down to touch his penis. He mumbled, “Oh Rahul”. I stroked his dick and fucked him hard simultaneously. It was a beautiful sync, almost musically rhythmic. The sounds in the room made me horny. So, I pulled his arm and placed it on his penis. He stroked him self to release. While, I touched myself while fucking my husband in the arse.

Gasping, we laid on the bed, side by side. My eyes closed, my body sweating and my lungs trying to catch a breath of air. He leaned in to kiss me and I mumbled, “Oh, that was great like always Rahul”. Silence filled the room. I try my best to keep sex life active with my husband.

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