Friends with benefits

It was a lazy morning, I was sipping cola when my phone vibrated, someone had pinged me on Instagram. The notification flashed on my screen. Alex had sent me a ‘hey’, I jumped on my seat, my heartbeat pace increased. Numerous questions were popping in my head all at once, ‘why would he text me?’, ‘he might want something from me!’. ‘But what can he want?’, I push back all my thoughts and try to think of what to do next. I don’t want to text him instantly, that would show him my eagerness. Alex was my classmate in 11th grade. As far as I know, he had a pretty girlfriend, I remember stalking her on Instagram. Back in school we never spoke, not that I never noticed him. I did, but our friend circles were quite aloof from each other.  I also knew he was having friends with benefits relationship with quite a few back then.

The current rumor said that he had broken up and taken it hard. He had joined the gym post-break-up and become hot as fuck. I finally text him back a ‘hey’ after, two hours to make it seem like I am a busy person. After that, we texted on and off for the entire day. Seems like Alex wanted to be friends with benefits with me, I didn’t say a yes to it right away instead I asked him to meet me first for a casual hangout to decide further. We texted the whole night about various stuff, he asked me about my break up which happened a year ago. We gave the title of truth and dare to find out about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes. It was at around 3 am when I sent him my last text about seeing him soon for a coffee later that evening.

I settled on a chest-hugging denim top and black ripped denim.  It was showing just in the right proportion. I reached the cafe within a few minutes, I had cold sweaty hands, anxiety was eating me out from the inside. I looked around the cafe searching for a familiar face. “I am just in time” I heard a heavy voice say from behind me. It was him. “Oh…hey!” I say kind of startled. We take a seat and the awkwardness subsides. “I don’t do coffee, Maybe be a beer!” He tells the waiter. “You don’t need to get high to fuck me!” I say smirking at him. He smiles at that and we lock our gaze for a few seconds. “No one’s home, I would rather have a beer in my hand and you on my lap than to have to sit across you!” He says seriously. Something about it got me turned on. Like a silent agreement, we cancel our orders and get on the way to his flat. Our friends with benefits session was getting turned on with its first chapter on.

His room had a masculine tinge to it. I slid in next to him on the bed. After he had a few sips of his beer, he places it on the nightstand and starts kissing me passionately, it didn’t feel uncomfortable, last night’s sex chat was helping a lot. I kiss him back, my hands reach for his hair, tugging at them. I could feel every inch of our body at that moment, I was very conscious. I place my hands on his chest, they were so hard. He slips his hand to the rims of my top to get it off me, exposing my bare upper body only in a bra, we kiss again harder this time occasionally biting each other’s lips. Soon my bra was off and I was sitting on his lap kissing him, grinding my hips again his pelvic. “You get too naughty too soon!” He says when we pull apart to take a break. “I like it!” He assures me when he notices my embarrassed face.

I take off his t-shirt caressing my fingers across his defined abs, taking all of it in. He bites my ear lobes catching sensitive spots and I let a moan escape my lips. I give him full access to my neck, he starts leaving a trail of passionate kisses until he reaches my nipples and starts to suck on them. I get down from the bed and get him standing on the floor by his hand, I kneel and look at him, my hands on his jeans, as though to ask if it was okay to pull it down. I was flattered to see him get so hard for me. I take him in slowly, putting my saliva over it, I take in deeper letting him feel the warmth of my mouth. He grabs my hair and whispers ‘fuck’ as I take it all in, I let him go just when I know-how ready he was to cum. “You’re being such a good girl!” He says helping me off the floor. He kisses me grabbing my butt hard with both his hands and lifting me off the floor.

He throws me at his bed and pulls down my jeans, he starts to kiss my feet then my knees and thighs, just around my pussy, he kisses it from above my panties “ stop being such a tease!” I say biting on my nails feeling horny as fuck begging him with my eyes. He grabs my panties from either side and pulls them on top instead of removing it, I moan loudly “how badly do you want it?” He asks enjoying my misery tugging at my panties harder. The panties press hard against my already stiff clitoris. I moan in response. He pulls them down and devours me in, his tongue exploring each part of my pussy licking me dry. I grab his hair sinking inside the bed more. “You need to stop I am going to cum!” I shout. He doesn’t listen instead, he moves his tongue faster. I tug at his hair harder as I moan until I finally came. I didn’t expect such an orgasm in friends with benefits relationship. He looks at my flustered face and snickers. He grabs my hips and puts me on top of him. I put his dick inside me, it pains a little but is overcome by pleasure as I move my hips. He puts me below him and starts giving me long hard strokes and I moan louder with each one. He pulls my hair lightly and it turns me on more, “fuck Alex!” I moan. He rides me until he cums inside me.

We lie next to each other on the bed, catching our breaths, closing our eyes. ” I should have texted you earlier than yesterday!” He says laughing, I laugh along and say ” definitely”. Now we are friends with benefits but we are happy.

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