Sex on the Swing with My Boyfriend

I had a gift for Manny, my boyfriend of 5 years. It was a sex swing that I had ordered and I was waiting to surprise him.  I was in a black lacy lingerie with sheer black stockings, sitting on the swing. Manny entered the hall and stopped short, looking me over. “I thought we could do something spicy tonight,” I said and got off the swing. But plan was to have Sex on the Swing itself.

I pulled my breasts out of their cups and let him have a look. Then slowly I loosened his tie and took it off. I kissed his lips gently while taking off his shirt. He shivered as I kissed his chest and knelt to unbuckle his pants. As soon as his dick was out I wanted to lick and suck him but he held my head and pulled me up. Immediately his mouth found mine and we kissed passionately. His teeth crashed with mine and he bit my lips.  His warm palms covered my tits as he played with them while kissing me. He bit my turgid nipple, causing me pain and pleasure. I held him to my chest as he suckled and bit me. I could feel myself getting wetter.

He pulled me closer and took off my bra. His fingers found my panties wet and he pulled them off as well. He parted my folds and rubbed me there. He used my lubricants to create pleasant friction over my clit. The nub was elusive but when he was around, it would show itself quite well. He plucked on it making me squirm.  Now it was time for the swing.

I pushed him on it, making him lie down. I bent down and took his large cock in my mouth. First I sucked his head and licked the tiny hole there. I was playing with his balls as I did that. He held my head and pushed me down further on his length.  The swing moved with our movements.

Then he stopped me and I stood up. Our positions were reversed. He began eating me out. His tongue speared me as he pushed the swing back and forth. I could feel more moisture gather in my channel. Then he stood up, pushed me further back and pushed the head of his cock inside. The large bulbous head stretched my opening and my pussy tried to suck him in. But he pulled out and pushed in again. This time he went all the way inside, his thick cock stretching me.

I moaned and moved, swinging to make his entry easier and faster. The he bent forward and held on to my boobs. He began rocking and pushing in and out of me, using my boobs as leverage. The swing was moving back and forth, giving us a means to move faster.  His fingers moved over my nipples, pinching and pressing them. He was pressing my breasts alternatively and fucking me with his cock.

He pulls back and I sit up. I push him on the swing and sit on him. I guide his cock in my pussy and move slowly, swinging the attachment. He grabs my breasts as they jump in front of his eyes and squeezes them hard. That minute I know I will come and I clench around his hard length.

He moans and presses my breasts again and cums in me. I come hard around his cock and shiver at the pleasure. The swing still holds us up and I am guessing it will last long as we plan to use it more. Having Sex on the Swing was a different kind of experience itself and was fun.

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