Affair with a Nigerian Servant for my lust

Me and my husband recently moved to Nigeria. He has a business of developing animal skin products such as couches. He would often leave home for several days, to visit the animal farms. Thanks to his job, my house had the best of leather couches. On his days of visit, the only company I had in the house was our Nigerian servant, Taksa which led to an affair with a Nigerian servant.

Taksa was a tall dark-skinned man. He was genetically well-built with muscle-cuts all across his body. He would ignorantly display his six packs, when cleaning the pool. I loved the sight of him working around the house. I would often act naughty by asking him to hand over a jar, from the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet. He would raise his hands to remove the container and I would ogle at his bulge. He looked big. I would often get wet thinking about Taska and give myself a quick rub between my legs. I wondered what it was like if me and Taksa were to eat each other up.

It was Sunday and Taska was on his weekly off. So, I let myself loose in my house. I took a skinny dip in the pool, made myself a Martini and enjoyed my sunbath. Suddenly, my eyes caught Taska standing in the corner. I thought I was imagining him and smiled. The mere thought of him made me wet. So, I spread my legs and started touching myself. I got so wet that I was dripping. My juices mixed with the pool water, trickling down my thigh. I moaned loud like no one’s listening and I took my fingers on a tour of my deep within, like no one’s watching. My eyes were closed, and I whispered his name, Taksa. With my legs spread wide, I felt like a naughty whore.

Suddenly, I felt a tip on my clit. I opened my eyes in shock and there he was, Taksa. Joy filled my body and I came. A long sigh of relief. But he was not done with me. He immediately plugged his long dick inside of me amidst my orgasm. He was so long, I could feel him in my guts, with every thrust. He lifted my butt and pulled me closer. I sat on his dick, up in the air. My arms, tight around his shoulders, sniffing his coconut flavoured hair. He bounced me like a doll.

Then, he paused and took me inside the house. He dropped me on the leather couch and turned me around. He spread my butt cheeks and licked my vagina. He shoved his black dick inside of me, again. I was clenching on the leather coach, with my finger nails, tearing the threads apart. He bent down and leaned on my back. I slipped flat on the couch. I laid flat on my stomach while Taksa continued to hump my tight pussy. He dug his hands under my body and grabbed my boobs.

He rubbed my tits between his fingers. I moaned. I couldn’t resist but cum, again. So, I went back to basics. I turned around and spread my legs like a whore. I was a natural. He grinned at me and pulled me by my legs to plug me in. This time, it was rhythmic. The beats got faster. I scratched his back and he moaned. We were like animals. And then, came the last thrust. We both came together. He simply got up and walked away. We never spoke to each other about that day, despite being together in the same house. I could never imagine such a huge orgasm with my husband but I got it having an affair with a Nigerian servant, Taksa.

Now, we wait for an opportunity for my husband’s farm visits so that we can unleash the animals in us on my favourite leather couch.

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