Erotic encounter with my friend’s mom

My name is Zen and this is my real story of an erotic encounter with my friend’s mom. I saw her for the first time and fell in love with her. It was 4 years back when my other friends and I used to meet at night time for playing cards. We used to sit on a bench near four-way, discuss cricket, tease each other by their girlfriend’s name and many other things. One night, one of my friends introduced us to Harry. Harry was a few years younger to us. As there was no boy of his age in the locality. So he started hanging out with us. Soon as we were bored of sitting and chit-chatting. We all decided to play night games.

Soon, we started playing football at night on the road in front of Harry’s house. It was fun as there was no vehicle passing through that road. One night, while playing a car came by. We stopped. That was the first time; I saw a beautiful woman walk out wearing a tight shirt and tulip skirt. Harry walked to her and took the bag she was carrying. I understood that it was his mom, Ammy. I stared at her beauty and then she looked at me. I was so lost in her looks that I forgot to take my eyes off when she saw me. She looked at me, our eyes met. She smiled at me and walked inside her house. My other friends continued to play as I was watching her hips move left and right. Suddenly, she turned around and brushed her hair behind her ear and gave me a smile.

I too smiled back and waved a hand at her. That night, I was confused about whether she was interested in me or just thought that I am a kid. I had many thoughts running in my mind, and I went to sleep. The other night, as I was passing Harry’s house, I thought of meeting him. As I went there, I came to know that he was not home and that his mother, Miss Ammy was home alone. She asked me to sit and have a cup of coffee. I agreed. She was looking seductively hot and that brought the spark for an erotic encounter with my friend’s mom. As she was sitting next to me, she kept her hand around my head and kissed my lips. That was a passionate kiss that I had in years. I gave in myself and pulled Ammy over me. We both lay on the sofa kissing each other passionately.

My hands brushed through her hair. We broke the kiss and she got up and started undressing herself. Then, she kneeled down and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled it down along with my jockey. Seeing my 9-inch dick, her eyes got brightened. I moved her chin up and kissed her. We were standing naked in the hall and were kissing each other with excitement. I moved my hands to her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I kissed her. She asked me to take her to the bedroom and I obeyed. As we entered the bedroom, I threw her on the bed.
She crawled to the table next to her bed. She took a condom packet out and gave it to me.

I was horny, I got on the bed and spread her legs and put my tongue on her pussy, licking it with passion. She had a clean pussy which it moving my tongue around her pussy curves even more erotic. As she was enjoying the licking, she continuously pressed her boobs and played with her erect nipples. I pushed my tongue inside her pussy hole, tongue fucking her. She grabbed my hair and pushed me between her legs. With the other hand, she was holding the bed railing, maybe controlling her moans. Her face was a sight to see, such erotic expressions. She pressed her right boob hard and orgasmed. I slid out from between her thighs and lay beside her.

She looked at me and licked her juice from my lips and winked at me. Then she got up and crawled between my legs and gazed at my dick like a lusty horny bitch. She tore the packet of the chocolate flavoured condom and put it around my dick. The next moment, she was sucking it hard, exploring the flavor to the fullest. My dick was hard as rock and when she saw it, she knew what to do. She looked in my eyes and smiled and sat upon me, pushing my dick inside her pussy. And as my sexy cow-girl rode me, her moans were music to my ear and I was experiencing heaven on earth. I had never imagined I would meet such a sexy woman and moreover that would lead to an erotic encounter with my friend’s mom!

We continued our sex affair for next couples of years until I moved on to a different city for further studies.

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