Truth or Dare led to Lesbian sex experience

This happened as a result of a challenge. A dare to be specific. It was a Hen Party and we were at a place with many other girls, some of whom I didn’t know. I am Jennifer, 26 years old. We were drinking and having fun. There were games and one of them was truth or dare. Feeling brave I took a dare and I had to kiss a girl. I didn’t knew this would lead ahead to a beautiful lesbian sex experience.

Mel, her name was. Hadn’t seen her around before. But she was pretty, blonde and lithe. I went ahead and kissed her. There wasn’t any tongue involved initially. But the tip of my tongue did touch the tip of hers right before we ended the kiss. And I knew I wanted more.

Then when the night was over she asked me if I wanted a nightcap and I said yes. We went to her apartment but before any drink was handed she turned around and kissed me on the lips. I was taken aback as I never identified myself as a lesbian nor I had lesbian sex experience. “Do you want this?” she asked. “Yes, I do,” I reply.  Then she kissed me again and threads her fingers through my hair.

I undress myself but she stops me midway and takes off my bra. Then she kisses her way down my neck and suckles on my nipples. I feel pleasure, surprisingly. I never knew a woman could do it for me. I take courage and put my hand on her left breast. She pushes her chest out toward my hand and I grip her herder. I rub her tit until I feel her nipple poking out. I focus on the nipple and rub on it. I then proceed to pinch it. I repeat the same with her other breast and hear her moan.

Her tongue goes over my nipple and she squeezes my other breast with her hand. I am feeling quite horny. She moves to kiss my mouth again and this time her hand wanders to my panties. She pushes them aside and moves her finger over my clit. This is so dirty and exciting at the same time. I grasp her ass and give it a good squeeze.

She puts me on the bed and I ask, “How do we do it?” “Don’t worry. Tonight’s about you,” she says. I lie down, and she goes down on m. her tongue moves around my clit and her fingers move in my pussy. She sucks on my hard nub and somehow manages to find my g-spot. She massages it gently at first. Then she sucks hard on my clit, moves her skillful fingers and pinches my nipple. I shoot off the bed as I come hard. I am only aware of my orgasm as it moves through me and I am left limp.

Then she gets up and brings over a dick shaped vibrator. She smiles and latches on to my nipple, suckling and taking her time. I hear the vibrator start and then it moves over my clit. She is sucking on my nipple and my clit is feeling good. She then pushes the dick shaped vibrator inside my channel and I cannot help but clench on it. She is still sucking and licking at my nipple and fucking me with the vibrator. Soon I find my release and come hard. I scream and thrash against her body as I squirt.

That night was special and erotic. The lesbian sex encounter was so unique and I can’t forget about how hard I came that night.

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