I like Fetish Sex in front of the mirror

Hi, I am Nadia, I an 28 years old and I am Katoptronophilic. In simple terms, I love having sex in front of the mirror, well that’s weird fetish sex but that’s how I am. So, my room is full of mirrors, each wall and ceilings. Doesn’t matter where I am on the bed, I can see myself in the mirror. Mostly, my boyfriends would get creeped out of so many mirrors. I also enjoy gloryhole porn videos where they fuck in front of the mirror and take cum inside their mouth. There was a time when I thought I will only see myself, pleasuring me in these mirrors, until I met Ron. He has the looks that every woman weak in the knees just by looking. His smouldering dark eyes, his Latino skin and sharp features topped by his well-built physique made him look like a Greek god.

He dresses tastefully and expensively and drove a car that the whole town envied. We met at a party and instantly hit it off. We drank and talked and drank some more. By the end of the party, we were sufficiently drunk to end up in each other’s arm. I dared and took him to my place. Even before I could open the door, we were all over each other. We were still slopping over each other’s face when I turned on the lights. He gasped and paused. Everywhere he looked, he could see our dishevelled looks.

“Holy Shit.” He exclaimed. I waited for him to say more, waiting if he approves or is creeped out like all my boyfriends. He looked at me with a glint in his eyes and a mischievous grin. He jumped at me with even more hunger. I sighed in his mouth as he deepened his kiss. He tore my dress and threw me on the bed. He took some time to admire me in the mirrors. On the wall on my side, he could see my curvy figure. On the wall opposite me, he could see my dripping wet cunt and on the ceiling, he could see my perky breasts begging him for his attention.

He quickly wiggled out of his suit and sat beside me. He started mauling my breasts. On the ceiling, I could see his dark hands caressing and squeezing my milky white breasts. The scene made me hotter. And then he bent his head and took my other bud in his mouth. On the side wall, I could see his tongue playing with my painfully erect nipples.

I held his hairs and pulled his mouth away from them. I asked him to lie down and each mirror was occupied by his thick big erection. It was so tempting, I couldn’t resist and I took it in my mouth. I could see him looking at the mirrors, watching me work on his erection. “God, this is so hot. I would come just by looking at you sucking me like this.” I smiled and carried out with my job. He stopped me just when he was about to come. He dragged me closer and kissed me hard on my mouth. “Ride me.” He said. I smiled, stood over him with my feet planted firmly on his each side.

We were both looking at the mirror as I slowly sat on his erection and watched it easily sliding and disappearing into my warmth. Yes, after long I could have sex in front of the mirror and I was loving it. My eyes were closed with pleasure and I started to move. Our eyes met in the mirror and we kept looking at each other as I started grinding my self on him. I increased my pace and was riding him hard now. We looked at each other in the mirror and we came together with a loud groan. We had big smiles on our face as I slid down from over him and slept in his arms surrounded by those mirrors.

Finally, I met someone with whom I can share my bed, my feelings and my passion, he admires all of them especially sex in front of the mirror.

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