Dating and Sex with my Lesbian Partner

Sheila and I had been seeing each other for two weeks now and she is my lesbian partner. I was waiting for her naked in the bathtub. I press my nipples thinking about her as I take my bath. Soon I am dressed for bed and its then that she comes in. She sees me in see-through nighty and a naughty grin overtakes her face.

We both jump on each other to enjoy the lesbian sex we have been talking about. I lift my dress and she lifts up her skirt and we grind on each other’s pelvis. We fall on the bed and we kiss each other. I take in her tongue into my mouth and kiss her deeper. I touch her breasts through her tank as we grind together and I feel her nipple. I hold on to it as we move, stimulating our clit. I grind on her thigh so that my aroused clit finds some relief. She touches my breasts through my dress and plays with nipples or titties like she calls them.

She bends down and takes one nipple in her mouth through my sheer gown. She nibbles and bites. My fingers snake down her tits, belly and I locate her little pleasure pearl. I press and pinch that telling her how pretty she is down there. I remove my night and lay her down on the bed undressing her. I dangle my breasts in front of her face and let her suck on my boobs. She massages them and plays with them while I touch her clit and pussy. I keep telling her how wet and hot her pussy is while playing with her clit.

Sheila moans as I push a finger in her pussy hole. I go for a kiss again and slowly move down her body taking my time with her titties and belly. Her nipples are hard and I have the desire to nibble on them making her moan. I kiss until I reach the apex of her thighs and part her legs. I blow air on her clit as she writhes and then proceed to lick and suck her there. I spear her pussy with my tongue as my fingers play with her clit and pleasure her. Then the tongue goes back on the clit sucking and biting as my fingers fuck her pussy. I can feel her orgasm coming as her pussy clenches and she gushes out the hot liquid. My lesbian partner had just busted out her lava.

After a few minutes, she takes the strap on dildo form the bedside drawer and she is ready. I want to ride her so she lays down and I lower myself on the rubber dick. I savour the feeling of the thick limb entering me slowly. Then I begin bouncing her, moving and grinding. My ass cheeks touch her clit and I deliberately grind it there so she can enjoy this fuck session.

She reaches up for my tits so I let her touch them and massage them. She pinches and pulls at my nipples elongating my pleasure. I begin to move faster and bend backwards to push two fingers in her snatch as well. We both fuck each other moving and thrashing till we find our release and come crashing down. I remove the cock dildo from my snatch and lie on Sheila kissing her. “Best fuck ever.” She whispers and we sleep lying on each other’s naked bodies. I know the morning will bring some more fucking as we have the whole weekend free and I am waiting for my lesbian partner to fill me with divine pleasure.

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