Unconventional Anal Sex Gave me Satisfaction

They always say, the first time is shocking, the second surprising and the third, well, there is no stopping. I have been a very adventurous and rebellious girl. I like to question things and people quite often, which earns me, quite a reputation. With this typical characteristic of mine, I was asked to leave my home and never show my face again, by my own father. They said that they have tolerated my gypsy spirit, but they can’t anymore as they were answerable to God. How did everything change and how unconventional anal sex brought back pleasure in my life is what I am going to share in this story.

I wondered if God created me, in his atypical ways through my horny parents, why would he ever be ashamed of me or my actions. He seeded the 7 sins, to bring in some discipline in the lives of the humans that run astray in search of God himself. After I was kicked out from my parent’s house, I adapted an unconventional method of making money. I would escort travellers and give them a good time to make a buck. I made a lot of money, so much so, that I could afford an apartment in California.

Being raised in a Catholic family, I would still follow the ritual of attending the Sunday mass. I would pray and go for a confession. This Sunday, I walked up to the father and confessed. I said, “Father, I know it’s odd, but I find pleasure in Anal sex and when I don’t get it, I hurt my customers, verbally. I feel guilty but I can’t resist”. He heard it all and surprisingly responded, “Now that you have confessed, it’s my turn. I would like to confess that I know who you are, and I find you very attractive. It would be my honour to give you the pleasure you desire”. I was shocked but the images of naughty nuns fucking the priest filled my mind and I smirked. I slipped in my card and left. The next day, the priest showed up at my door.

Little did I know that priests could also be young and good looking. He came in a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of denims. He had short military cut hair and deep blue eyes. As soon as I opened the door, he said, “I dreamt of you and God asked me to come see you”. I invited him in and tried to go to the kitchen to fetch him a glass of lemonade, but he held my hand and pulled me close. He kissed me passionately. He moved down, kissing my neck, unbuttoning my shirt. It had been a while since a man dominated me in bed and I liked every bit of it.

I allowed him to take control of my body. I stood there holding my hair high with my arms raised up. He kissed my breast and unlocked my hook between my boobs, they popped out. He took a log look at them and said, “Boy, did I miss you?”, I giggled. He sucked my tits and nibbled. He went down to kiss my belly and pulled my navel ring with his teeth followed by a tongue lick. He unzipped my denim shorts and pulled my pink thong down, hurriedly.  He got up and like an eager young boy, turned me around.

He was unconventional. He separated my butt and pushed his hard dick inside my arsehole. I tried to pull his hands from my waist to touch my clit, but he resisted. He just wanted to fuck me hard in the butt. As he got faster, it was almost divine for me, because the unconventional anal sex reminded me God and made me climax. Finally, we both moaned, “Ooooh God” and came together.

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