The Jock and the Fresher’s Gay Love- Part-1

I was nervous on the first day of college. I had never stayed away from home. But now I was in a dorm full of unknown faces. I liked playing football, so I had decided to sign up for trials. The first day of the trial, I saw him – Jonah. He was a quarterback and quite the looker. All the girls would surround him after practice, and he would go home with a new girl every night. How did I know about his night-time activities? Well you see, he lived in the same dorm as me, in fact just opposite my room. He was due to move into a sorority house, but he was putting up here for now.

There were some murmurs about hazing rituals on campus and I was hoping that I’d be spared. But trying to get in on the football team, brought me up in the eyes of all the football jocks.  Some of the fellow freshers had already gone through it and I knew my turn would come.

I was having difficulty sleeping one night, when I heard sounds outside my door. My roommate was sleeping soundly, so I tiptoed out to check out what it was. As soon as I stepped out, something covered my mouth, a dark cloth covered my head and I was dragged away. I could feel that I was lifted up and taken somewhere. Then when the cloth on my head was removed, I realised I was on a bench, surrounded by senior footballers.

I could see most of them and Jonah was standing quite close to me. My mouth was still gagged with a piece of cloth as they smiled and looked down at me. “It is time for your initiation boy,” one of them said and I looked around nervously trying to identify the place where I was. Was this hazing? Or something else that I wasn’t aware of.

Every minute I expected someone to burst in laughing and say this was a prank. But that didn’t happen. My hands were tied too. Then I see Jonah step forward toward me and look down at my thighs. He was…..watching my dick? How was this possible? He was always surrounded by girls and why was he looking at my dick?

As my thoughts whirled around, I saw him move closer and touch my cock through my pants. The other jocks just laughed. But my body reacted. I realised I was getting hard. And he realised it too considering the small smile that graced his lips. He pressed my cock and I grew even more in size. He was now rubbing my cock hard and fast as I tried to control my writhing.

“Let’s see his size,” someone shouted, and Jonah stopped. I thought it was over, but it wasn’t. He pulled down my pants to expose my very erect dick. I was commando as I slept like that and my dick popped up hard and ready. “Nice size!” someone shouted again. But my eyes were fixed on Jonah. He was looking at my dick…and…was that hunger I saw in his eyes?

As the jocks cheered him on, he took hold of my dick. I closed my eyes expecting some sort of pain. But wait…I felt a rush of pleasure. He was pressing my cock and rubbing the head with his rough hand. I could feel his rough callouses going over my sensitive skin. Each stroke made me shiver and I grit my teeth to stop myself from groaning in pleasure of gay love.

The he just bent, gripped my cock at the base and licked the head. I had a little precum there and he licked it all. Was no one going to stop him. Everyone was riveted at what he was doing, and I was in pleasure. He sucked the top of my cock and pressed my balls. I cannot describe the pleasure I felt at that moment.

I had never done these things with guys. I had girlfriends in the past. This was unexpected. He massaged my balls and moved his head up and down on my shaft. His throat closed around the tip of my cock and I couldn’t control the cum that spurted out. He kept massaging my cock as I orgasmed in front of him, spurting thick ropes of white liquid. For a moment I thought I had stopped, when he bent down and sucked hard on my cock. This set off another orgasm and I just shook as I spurted, completely out of control. My dick was still twitching hard, hoping there would be more pleasure.

Before I could gather myself, I heard a crash. My brain jumped into action and my eyes opened. I was in my room. My roommate had kicked something while sleeping and was now limping around. I realised it was a dream and I had cum. My pants were sticky, and I was still hard. But, after that erotic dream and gay love, would I be able to face Jonah tomorrow without thinking about the images my brain had conjured?


*Stay tuned for the next part to see what happens with Jonah and Damien*

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