My Wife Could not satisfy my hunger for sex

I was a pretty horny guy and my wife was ok with my sexual desires. She never said no whenever I wanted to fuck, even if we were not at home. She understood my hunger for sex. Once we were at a friend’s party and I got the desire to have sex. I found her and locked ourselves in the guest bedroom. There was no talking as she knew what I wanted. I pushed her on the bed and tore her panties. I pushed my penis in her channel and gagged her mouth with my palms before I began to fuck her. That evening was hot and dirty as we fucked in someone else’s house.

But lately I wasn’t feeling satisfied. I wanted more sex but my wife was a little busy at work and was less at home. Every time we did have sex, it felt planned and I didn’t feel satisfied enough. I knew I wanted to explore to get the excitement back.

One day my friend suggested sex dolls that could be bought online. That way I could find sexual satisfaction and I wouldn’t be looking at a different woman. I visited the shop online and immediately scrolled through the different categories. I immediately liked the flat chested sex dolls as petite women were my weakness. I ordered one and soon she arrived.

My wife was out of station on a work trip and the doll arrived. I paid the delivery guy and immediately pulled her in. I opened the case and saw that she was tiny with smooth skin and heart shaped lips. I wanted to kiss and suck on those rosebud lips. Her tiny breasts would easily fit into my palms and I hoped her pussy would be tight.

I couldn’t wait to pound that pussy, so I lay her down on the rug and I lay down next to her. Her hair was silky and blonde and she was smiling slightly. I touched hair and her face. Smoothness greeted my palms. I kissed her cheeks and then her lips. They were soft and oh so inviting. I touched her arms and smooth thighs and wondered how soft and smooth her pussy would be.

I was making out with her now as my hands caressed her chest and then her breasts. She was wearing a red dress which I wanted to peel off her tight body. I lowered her dress to expose her breasts and saw two tiny pink nipples on small mounds. I bent down and took a soft nipple in my mouth, sucking hard. On one side I was suckling at her left breast and on the other side I was squeezing her right breast and pinching her nipple. Her breasts were soft and supple and I enjoyed sucking, biting and massaging them. At one point I got so carried away that I actually bit her nipple and chewed on it for a while.

I moved down and exposed her juicy pussy lips. They were soft and plump, like a virgin’s. Her tiny waist flared a bit to rounded hips. I held on to her hips and licked her pussy area. She was smooth all over. I parted her folds and saw a small nub – her clit winking at me. I licked her folds and lubricated that area. I wanted to pinch her clit hard so I did. Doing so made me harder and I could feel my cock getting larger. Maybe she would be able to satisfy my hunger for sex.

I wanted to get inside her, but I also wanted to savour her body. I parted her legs and her folds to see her pussy. She was so tight that I could barely make out her pussy hole. I licked my finger and inserted it inside her. I would have to work her to get her to expand, but her tightness only turned me on more.  I inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck her. Her pussy gradually expanded a bit and I loved it.

Then I rubbed my cock a little as I looked at her naked body and tight pussy waiting for me. I plunged the head of my cock inside her pussy and it was like it was sucking me in. The feeling was indescribable. I was already feeling pleasure coursing through me. I pulled out and this time pushed in fully. I am a large man with a thick cock and she took me in completely. Her vagina was snug around me as my cock throbbed inside her. I pulled out again and began fucking her. In and out my cock moved and each time I was squeezed and gripped by her vagina.

The ridges inside gave me the right amount of pleasure and I just didn’t want to stop. I fucked her harder, moaning and banging against her ass. I gripped here boobs and squeezed them hard as I began to feel the stirrings of an orgasm. I was fucking her like a beast and she took my thick cock like a champ. Then I screamed and came inside her channel as she held me tight and close with her pussy.

I lay down quietly on top of her for a few moments, holding her. This fuck was so awesome and I couldn’t believe I had orgasm-ed this hard. I knew I had some time with her where I could enjoy her more and satisfy my hunger for sex many more times. I wanted to explore this more and couldn’t wait for the coming days. I still have sex with my wife but I keep my second partner as an option to keep my desires satisfied.

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