Gay Experience with a Stranger-Started from Gay Erotica-1

This is my own story which is little long but read it completely, you will enjoy if you like real gay erotica. This incident happened a few months ago, in September. I met this guy on a flight while coming back from Chicago. I had gone there for some office work. The flight was late in the night, and it was delayed by almost an hour. I was tired, and I tried to take a small nap while I was on the flight. Unfortunately, the nap lasted for only 20 minutes or so, and I woke up due to turbulence. I opened my eyes and glanced over. A middle-aged guy was sitting next to me and was reading something on his mobile. Unable to sleep again, I just started looking outside the window. There wasn’t much to see because of the night and dark rain clouds. I peeked at his mobile screen and tried to see what he was so engrossed about. It seemed like an e-book and I tried to read a few lines to figure out what kind of book it was.

My eyes opened wide and suddenly I was awake with a jolt. It was an erotica story and to my bewilderment, a gay erotica story from what I could gauge! I continued reading from the corner of my eyes, and I was in a very interesting part of the story right now. I realised he probably be stroking his hard cock inside the blanket. I hadn’t noticed the guy properly before but now that he had drawn my interest, I checked him out. He was a bit shorter than me. He seemed to have a well-maintained physique but receding hairline and grey hairs were showing his age. The guy had a light moustache and bit of stubble on his face, giving his otherwise very business-like appearance a bit of raw and rough manly edge.

As I steered my eyes back on his mobile screen, I realised that he had noticed. When I looked up and saw him staring at me. He was visibly flustered, probably realised that I knew what he was reading. He looked a bit embarrassed as he quickly turned off his the screen of his phone and pulled his other hand out and kept on the armrest. I felt bad and also saw this an opportunity to break the ice.

“Seemed like a nice story,” I whispered, intentionally as a hint to let him know that I was into it. He didn’t say a word, so I continued, “Was that about a crossdresser?”He seemed even more flustered now, so I placed my hand on his hand and said, “Chill, I used to be one.” and smiled. That did the trick, and he was now visibly relaxed. At last, he spoke, “What do you mean by that?”So I told him about my college days, and then marriage and how I stopped cross-dressing, etc. He asked me, “But do you still meet other men to fulfil your kinky crossdresser desires?” and I replied, “Sometimes, yes.”

He was then silent for a moment and asked me directly, “Would you like to spend a night with me?” and I could see the seriousness and lust in his eyes. I asked him about his whereabouts and when does he want to meet. I told him that I would definitely like to meet him, but night might not be possible.

He smiled and said, “Trust me, you won’t regret this night. I stay at my daughter’s place in Texas, and she is out of town for 2 weeks, returning the day after tomorrow. I am hoping that you can manage to stay for the night as I think my daughter’s clothes would fit you just fine.” That instantly gave me a hard-on. It had been years I have dressed up as a girl and got fucked. I asked him, “How about tonight then?” I Could clearly recollect a gay erotica story I had read about wearing girly dress and now I was getting an opportunity to fulfil my wishes.

As we landed, it was close to 1:00 am. I called my wife and told her that I have to first go to the office and I will get later to come home. If it gets too late, I’ll take off the next day and come straight in the morning. She was already in bed and half-sleepy so she didn’t ask many questions. We headed to his place, which was about one hour drive from the airport.

Enough for the day, I will write the story in the subsequent parts. Do send your comments on my story.


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