Gay Experience With a Stranger – Cross dresser Sex-2

This is the second part of my previous story. I will write about how I had rough Cross dresser Sex with him.

Please continue to read the story, I know it’s a bit long story but I wanted to put in all details of my Gay experience. Ok, let’s move on to the story.

We reached his place by a Cab. As we entered, he locked the door and grabbed me by surprise and pulled me closer. He planted his lips on mine, and I gave in too as we kissed deeply. He parted lips and walked me to his daughter’s bedroom. He opened her cupboard and said, “Take your pick, wear whatever you wish to. I use her guest room when I am here, so I am gonna go keep my bags, take a quick shower in the other bathroom. You can use the washroom here, get dressed and let me know once you are ready and I will come in.” I nodded and he left the room. I took off my clothes and kept them on the chair. Then I took a quick shower and started going through the his daughter’s dresses. She had some nice skirts and tops, but I opted to wear a tulip dress. I checked her lingerie drawer and found a nice pair of partially see-through designer bras and pantie in black. I was already too excited and even slightly shivering with anticipation as I put on the lingerie.

I also found a nose-ring in her drawer, so I wore that as well. I lightly dabbed my face with a little bit of foundation and blush and I put kohl in my eyes. I wanted to give him the best experience of Cross dresser Sex as I liked him too. As I was doing small touches to my appearance, I heard a knock on the bedroom door. I said, “Come in” in as much as girly manner as I could put in. As he walked in, I turned towards him. He stopped in his tracks and checked me out from top to bottom. He was undoubtedly enjoying the view as his lusty eyes were almost undressing and tearing me apart on the spot! He was wearing nothing but gym shorts and had two glasses of scotch in his hands.

He extended one glass to me and asked if scotch was fine with me. Honestly, looking at his manly, hairy body with a hint of grey hairs and his semi-erect cock making a tent in his boxers, I had no time for idle pleasantries. I took my glass and gulped down the scotch. As I smacked my lips, he was still standing there, still kind of stunned. I took his glass as well and emptied it in my mouth. But I didn’t gulp it down, I moved to him and locked my lips on his and he drank that scotch through my tongue and lips. “Wow,” he exclaimed as he broke the kiss. I was in his embrace as he grazed on my lips.

“You don’t like to waste time? You horny little slut”, he quipped as he tightened his grip around me, “Alright then, I am not going to hold back. One thing I didn’t tell you before. I am going to fuck your ass at least twice tonight”. He pushed me towards the wall and pinned me as we continued kissing. After a few minutes, we had to part our saliva dripping lips to catch a breath. He pulled down the straps of the dress. Now Cross dresser Sex was on its high edge and we both were dying for each other to explode.

He started kissing my neck and went down as he simply moved the bra straps from my shoulders. I was already super hard and in ecstasy. He freed my nipples from the bra and locked them in his mouth and started sucking on my left nipple hard while gently pinching my right nipple. His hand continued to play with my boobs. He kept alternating between my nipples, the same way and my moans were getting louder and hornier.

While he was toying with my nipples, I grabbed his hard cock through his boxers. I could feel the wet patch on his boxers on my fingers. I pulled down his boxers and started stroking this marvellous ‘love wand.’ He realised what I wanted, and he stopped sucking my nipples. I went down on my knees.

I took his monster cock in my already drooling mouth and started sucking his big flaring head vigorously. He started moving his fingers in my hair. I licked his entire shaft and spat on it, and spread it properly with my hand while stroking him in a circular motion. I looked at him and gave a naughty smile. I could see he was on the seventh heaven of pleasure.

I will continue the rest of the story in my last part.

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