My Fetish Sex Desires fulfilled by Husband

There was this fantasy of mine where I wanted to experience kinky sex with my man and push ourselves for further fetish sex. We had already done it outdoors and were exhibitionists. Now I wanted something new to spice up my sex life. I had asked Adam to surprise me and I was looking forward to it tonight. I am Christine 32 years and Adam is 36 now but we manage to have an active sex life.

As soon as I got home from work I notice that the house lights were on. When I entered the bedroom, there he was in a pair of tight black shorts that clearly showed the outline of his cock. I look up at him smiling. And then he dangles the handcuffs. I am blown over. Excited!

I pop open the buttons on my dress and pull it down. His eyes are on me as I walk towards him. ‘Bra off!” he commands. I unhook them, and they fall to the ground. He bends and licks my nipples. He gently sucks on them as my toes curl from the pleasure. Then he kisses me and attaches those handcuffs on me. It is then I see that it has chain and nipple clams attached as well. He attaches the nipple clamps on my nipples as well.

He leads me to the bed and I see a spread of vibrators, lube tubes and paddles. “All that for tonight?’ I ask him. “It depends what you want,” he murmurs in my ears. Few days back I had seen our browser history and had noticed him browsing adult sex toys online. I shiver. He lays me down on the bed and attaches the handcuffs to the headboard. He tugs on the nipple clamps and I swear I feel it in my pussy. Then he adds some kind of cuffs to my ankles, spread my legs apart and attaches it to the bed posts so that I am spread-eagled.

Then he dips down and pushes his tongue into my pussy. He licks my hole and then goes on to my clit. He uses his fingers and tongue alternatively to bring me toe-curling pleasure. “I am going to fuck you in the ass and the pussy,” he says as I scream from an orgasm. Then I see that he strapped on a dildo.

He removes the binds on my ankles and turns me around, my ass facing him. He again tugs at my chains that tug at my nipples. He roughly fingers my pussy and then pours lube down my asshole. He fingers my ass and I begin to enjoy his penetration into my body. “So tight,” he groans. He penetrates me with his cock and the dildo.

He enters my pussy and my ass slowly, making my ass ease onto the dildo. Both my holes are full, and I am loving it. He flicks my clit with his finger and I can’t help but squirt. He laughs and begins to fuck me. Both my holes are being pounded by him. He goes in and out and I scream and moan. He is pulling at my chains at intervals and that sends s zing through my body. My nipples feel sensitive and good with the fetish sex moves.

My breathing gets heavier and so does his. He stops, and I look back. He takes off the strap on and pushes his cock into my ass. “Ahh! Ahh!,” he groans as he enters me and then he fucks my ass hole like a man possessed. His fingers massage my G-spot and I come hard. I clench around his cock hard and feel his cum shoot inside me. When it is over he unchains me and licks and sucks on my nipples to ease the discomfort. And that is how we fall asleep. His face on my chest and tightly hugging each other.

I really enjoyed that night. Adam had done things for me to make my fetish sex fantasies come true and we try experimenting in sex, as it makes us more happy.

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