My cougar neighbor cuckolds her husband with me

I am Riley-a student in the sophomore year in college and the basketball team captain. Needless to say, my popularity among the girls was enough to get me laid occasionally. When sex is abundant, you really do not need a steady girlfriend. I only felt that need when I used to return home during the holidays. Little did I know, this vacation has so many surprises in store for me and I was about to meet a cougar neighbor.

I just came home and was parking the car in the front yard when I first saw Gina. She was watering her plants in a casual t-shirt and shorts. It was obvious she was in her mid-40s but that body could give any 20 something sophomore girl a run for her money. She looked up and I realized I was staring too long. I smiled sheepishly, waved and she smiled back.

Later that day I found out Gina had recently moved in the neighborhood and already best pals with my mom. She would occasionally come over for evening tea and they gossiped. I also got introduced and we often engaged in conversations. The more I got to know her, the more I kept fantasizing- her perfect body on top of me, the scent of the perfume she always used, her tight tits and thighs that were so prominent over your dresses and so on.

That day, mom sent me over to her place to fetch a couple of dresses she was going to lend my mom. When I rang the bell, she replied that the door was open and I can walk in freely. I entered to find her at the kitchen in her usual shorts and t-shirt. She pointed at the pile of clothes on the sofa and I was about to take them. As I bent over to collected them, I felt a hand touching my butt and thigh and feeling me up. I froze.

“These basketball shorts surely accentuate your best assets, Riley.”

“What are you up to Mrs. Gibson?”

“Call me Gina. And I think you know- don’t you want it? I have seen in your eyes you do.”

So, she has seen me checking her out occasionally! I turned back to her and drew her close, forgetting all about the possible dangers and embarrassments. We kissed passionately and suddenly she broke off.

“Come back today evening- 7pm- and wear your shorts. “She winked and signaled me to the door. I was back home in a daze. I didn’t get the part about my shorts but the way she put it made it seem so kinky. I couldn’t wait. I had seen such kinky women on foot fetish cam on Jerkmate which I used secretly.

That evening my mom was away with my dad to a party. Once they were gone, I sneaked back to her house. I rang the bell but to my horror a man opened the door. He must be Mr. Gibson. I was about to make some excuses and take off when he said, “Hey Riley, we were expecting you.”

I was bemused and didn’t know what he meant. But I walked in behind him when I saw Gina in a skimpy baby doll lying on the couch with an inviting smile. I was already sweating.

“You see Riley, I wife has very particular taste and fetishes involving men and I love pampering her. She wishes you fuck her rough. Don’t mind me, I will just here just be watching.” He was very casual as he said all this and I couldn’t believe the situation I got into. I could barely respond. Gina got off the couch and walked to me and smiled at her husband. Before I knew, she had put her hand in my shorts and for the first time I was very aware of my boner, throbbing in her hand. She cooed reassuring words of how it was a treat for her husband to watch her with other men and I need not worry about anything. She kneeled before me and pulled out my dick to start sucking on it. I saw Mr. Gibson, my cougar neighbor retire in a corner watching us with a hungry expression.

She continued to suck my dick and despite my better judgment I was finally getting relaxed and responding to her. She was already out of her skimpy outfit and her tits were matured and round. I grabbed them while she was sucking my cock. She took off my shorts entirely and cast it aside. She stood up and held my hand and took me to the couch, pushing me down on it. I looked at her husband from the corner of my eyes and saw his dick in his hand.

He was masturbating as he watched us. I was disgusted but too enthralled by Gina to care. She sat on my dick turning her body to face her husband and her back to me. She moved up and down on my dick. I raised my hand and grabbed both her jiggling boobs while she continued to fuck my dick. Her husband was masturbating faster than ever and I felt a rush in my dick. I would not be able to hold in longer. As I was almost about to orgasm, she got off and started sucking me again.

I finally orgasmed with a loud moan and unloaded it all in her mouth and on her boobs. With my juices smeared on her lips and face, she moved to her husband, ignoring me completely and started sucking him. It didn’t take long for him to let go after that and my cougar neighbor felt satisfied. With the juices of both men on her, she sat down spreading her legs and signaling me to her. I crawled down on the floor to her and lowered my lips on her pussy in a trance. I started sucking her clits and licking it and finally she orgasmed too.

I finally got up to get dressed. Now when everything was done, I could barely look at them. But as I tried to pull on my underpants, she grabbed my hands and took it away from me.

“Let this be a parting gift for this wonderful moment. You can go home commando.” I could not even oppose and walked out sheepishly.

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