Millie found the perfect partner to fulfil her handcuff fetish

Millie is a plain girl-next-door you would not notice twice. Though she had a petite and attractive body, she hardly ever found a guy to her taste. Most thought she is a too shy and introverted. But in reality, Millie had fetishes including handcuff fetish that often threw regular guys off-track. So, every time she started dating a guy, eventually they would run away as soon as she disclosed her kinky side. It was getting frustrating for her so she decided to look for guys specifically based on her needs.

She opened up accounts on various online dating sites. She explicitly mentioned she has a kinky fetish and the kind of things she loves to do. Soon she started joining live cam chatrooms. One of the places she frequented the most was British Sex cams. For the first time in her life, she was getting the attention she craved all her life. There was so many guys fawning over her and clamoring for her attention at the chat rooms. Among this, one guy caught her interest. He had mentioned in his profile, how much he enjoys being handcuffed. It immediately perked her interest and she scheduled virtual calls with him that evening.

It did not take long for them to get acquainted on the internet and soon Millie was discussing some of her deepest and darkest fantasies with him like handcuff fetish. Turned out the guy was rather kinky too. They clicked well and Millie invited him over to her place the coming Sunday.

That day, Millie was excited and kept checking the doorway though she knew he is not going to come before 7 PM. Finally, it was time and Millie anxiously looked out of the window. She had already arranged her assortments of handcuffs on the bed. That’s when she heard the ring of the doorbell. She pranced across the room and opened the door wide. There was the guy. His name is Alan. In person, he looked really innocent and cute. No one can imagine the fetishes that curly-head stores! Millie smiled widely and welcomed him in. Alan sat down on the couch and they had a drink from Millie’s parents’ cellar.

“So… what next?” said Alan with a sly smile.

Millie blushed a bit and said, “Want to go to the bedroom, then?”

“Sure babes.”

And then he moved forward and gave a quick kiss on her lips and smacked her ass. They giggled and went to the bedroom. Alan stopped dead at the doorway seeing the assortments of handcuffs Millie had.

“Whoa, that’s quite a collection!”

Millie laughed and winked mischievously, “Imagine one of those around your hands while I do some really dirty things to you.”

Alan looked intrigued and he moved forward. Millie was much more confident now and she crossed the room and flung her arms around his neck. She kissed and hugged him tightly. They together fell down on the bed as they kissed. Millie reached for one of her black leather handcuffs and quickly snapped it around his wrist and locked him to the bedpost. She smiled at him wickedly and took up another set to lock his other hand.

Then she started taking off his pants and shirt. Alan was lying naked and helpless. His boner was rock-hard and upright. Millie sat between his legs and without breaking eye-contact, she started sucking him hard. Alan moaned and thrashed trying to reach out to Millie but he was completely restrained.

Millie sucked him for 5-6 minutes and then stopped the moment she tasted pre-cum and knew he was about to ejaculate. She kept doing this several times till Alan started begging her to fuck him. He started pulling at his handcuffs. Finally, Millie sat on his dick and started riding him. She kept her hands on his chest and bounced up and down. Her round boobs swung back and forth crazily as she rode him.

Alan strained to touch her but he could not. Millie lowered her boobs close enough to brush his face with them but did not let him touch. He grunted in frustration and she laughed. Millie again went down and this time, she let her boobs press on his face. Alan hungrily sucked her boobs and bit on them. Millie gasped with pleasure and started rotating her hips to stimulate his dick even more. Handcuff fetish was actually happening and the pleasure she got was uncontrollable.

Soon she felt an orgasm building up and in minutes, she was climaxing. Alan’s dick was drenched in her juices and she slumped down on his chest. In a couple of minutes, she got up and unlocked the handcuffs. As soon as she did that Alan flung her down on the bed and propped her up on all-fours. He thrusted in his dick from behind and started vigorously fucking her. He grabbed her boobs and squeezed them hard till she cried out. He was going so fast that she was crumpled down on the bed but he did not stop. Millie enjoyed this assault and asked him to go harder. Alan obliged and soon he was going really hard and his balls were banging against Millie’s clitoris.

In another ten minutes, Alan gripped her waist hard and dug deep inside her and held still he was climaxing and unloaded all his juices in her pussy. Once he pulled out, Millie’s pussy was dripping. She sat down and ran her fingers down her clitoris and took the juices in her hands. She looked at Alan and then licked off the cum from her finger tips and smacked her lips. Alan was awestruck by her kinkiness. They finally knew they have found the perfect match in each other.

Once they were done, they washed up and fixed up the dinner. Millie had thought of sending Alan away once it was done. But now she wanted him to stay over and Alan obliged. They quickly had their dinner for they could not wait for the second session that night, something different than handcuff fetish.

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