Foot fetish fetched me more than I bargained for

My name is Jordan. I am 38-year-old male, living in Los Angeles. Being an introvert, I always had difficulty meeting women I love. Moreover, I could hardly ever tell them about my fantasies. You see, more than anything else, I get turned on a woman’s feet. Small, pinkish and plump feet are my favorite. Now this is not something you tell a woman without getting slapped, can you? So, I ended up looking for solutions online. I met many women at various online platforms to dating websites. It has been a while I met Jennifer. We matched on a dating platform. She was as kinky as I wanted and the best part was, it took her seconds to understand my desires. The moment she caught on; we were having a gala time. She would come online every day, showing off the most beautiful feet I ever saw. I would talk about the most unspeakable things I wanted to do with her including foot fetish.

It was getting really hard for me to resist her anymore. We would keep making plans about meeting up in person but she lived in another city. We finally set up the date and I waited for her to come. I had enough of live porn cams and just could not wait anymore. It was hard to go by without meeting her for real now. She was supposed to come this weekend to my place. Her city was almost 3 hours journey from my place and she was ready to make the effort to meet me.

Finally, the Sunday came. I did everything to make the day special. I had set up a candlelight dinner for us. I even made arrangements in the bedroom for her to sit comfortably so I can admire her feet to my leisure. I had also ordered a pair of stilettos in red which would definitely look perfect on her. Around 6 pm in the evening she was finally her. Jennifer was approximately 23-year-old and had a very petite body. Her boobs were really perky and her nipples showed through the thin t-shirt she wore. She walked in with a smile and I could not help but look at her feet occasionally. It was milky white and the nails were painted red.

We chatted and she would occasionally laugh at my jokes. I could not resist anymore and moved forward and kissed her cheeks. She smiled and turned her face towards me to kiss me on my lips. We did not need to tell anything to each other anymore. I carried her to my bedroom and put her down on the cozy bed. She lifted her feet slowly and put them on the edge of the bed. They were at level with my face and I could not help but kiss them. as I kissed her feet, she moaned softly. I started licking her feet right from the ankle to under the foot. My foot fetish was not coming to the forefront.

I could smell the musky scent of her vagina as I kissed her feet and slowly, I went closer up to her thighs. Then I pulled aside her panties and started kissing and licking her vagina and clitoris. She was moaning really loudly now. I could taste the tangy liquid running down her vagina and into my mouth. As I kept licking, I felt my boner grow hard and strong. It was straining against my trousers and I could not help but wonder how it would feel to be inside her.

I climbed on top of her on the bed. As I went up, I kissed every part of her body and started pulling off her clothes. I fondled her breasts and put them in my mouth. As I sucked and squeezed the boobs, she grabbed my hair. she pulled me up and we were at level and kissed each other. She held me firmly against her body with one hand and moved the other down to my penis. She was fondling my balls and started rubbing my dick. I could feel my precum coming out of the tip of my penis. She tugged at my penis and looked at me- I could tell the implication well enough and she need not coax me. I positioned myself between her legs and pushed my dick hard inside her. She gasped and clutched my back and dug her nails into my skin.

I kept going on and on and pushed harder. I could feel her tiny feet bumping off against my butt and the sensation was sending shock waves down my groin. I kept thrusting for thirty minutes and then she pushed me to get on top of me. Once she had straddled on my lap, she slowly put her feet towards my shoulder and arched her back and kept support on her arms. I felt kissed and pinched her toes while she slowly moved up and down my dick.

We went on in a slow rhythm that took pace over the next fifteen minutes. I could feel my climax building up and held her firmly by her waist. She kept going on till I could not hold it in anymore and climaxed inside her. Her vagina was wet and warm with my juices. She looked at me and got off my dick. I threw her down on the bed and started licking her vagina once more. In a few minutes, I had made her orgasm too. We both lay down panting in each other’s arm.

The night was still young and in a couple of hours, we decided we needed more and was lost in each other’s arms. The next morning when I woke up, she was gone but there was a tiny note on my bedside that had her phone number and address on it. There was a spreader bar beside the note. I knew I had to make plans for the wildest girl I have ever met who has started fulfilling my desires like foot fetish .

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