Finding ways of Satisfaction when you miss someone

I was at my farm house. I was just remembering the good old times I had spent with my husband at this place before getting divorced. However, ever since my divorce, I had a couple of dates with younger men. It was always fun to indulge with them as they had great energy and they could satisfy my needs. Although, my recent partner John had gone out of the town and I was missing his touch. You need to keep finding ways of satisfaction when you miss someone.

I also thought of checking out an online sex toys shop for help. I did find a few things and placed an order but my hormones were not in place. I knew I needed something that night. However, I could not think of anything and so, I changed in to my bikini and thought of getting in to the pool.

I drank some wine and went for a dip. I finished a couple of laps and I was impressed with my stamina at the age of 35 too. I poured some more wine and I suddenly saw my servant coming towards the pool. He was done for the day and was leaving. I had never noticed Charlie before. He was a student who was working part time to pay his education fees. Charlie was a young and handsome boy who had great chest and biceps.

I could not contain my excitement seeing him. I called him and asked him if he would have a glass of wine. He was hesitant but I forced him so much that he could not turn down my offer. I came out of the pool. I saw he was noticing me as my body was dripping with water. I asked him to change in to a swimming trunk. I remembered my husband’s costume was still there with me. Again he felt shy but, I asked him to relax. I persuaded him to change.

I could see his bare chest and V-shaped body. Charlie looked amazing. I felt like eating him up. He jumped in to the pool to take a dip. I was just seeing him swim. It was so amazing to see him. After a bit, I went in to the pool. I pulled him towards me and kissed him. He seemed lost at first but eventually he catches up.

I causally removed the top of my bikini. My breasts just popped out. I saw a glitter in his eyes then. He just grabbed my wet breasts with excitement and started pressing it. Meanwhile, I put my hands in to the trunks and grabbed his penis. I started rubbing it and he started biting my nipples aggressively. I could feel his penis which was now upright and hard because of my massage.

I took his hand and pulled him out of the pool. I then took him under the open shower near the pool. I switched it on and removed his swimwear. Then, I removed my panties and signalled him to insert his thing in my pussy. He pushed me against the wall and started fucking me. It was so beautiful. I was loving every bit of it. I asked him to make it faster and harder. He did the same. That’s how you keep finding ways of satisfaction in every small things in life.

After a bit, he switched off the shower and took me to the seating area near the pool. He pushed me on the floor and again fucked me for a very long time. I was so happy to have initiated this as this boy had a lot of energy unlike my other partners. I liked it as I was always up for more.

While he continued to fuck me, I remembered the vibrator I ordered today and thought that it was a wrong decision because now I had Charlie. I don’t have to keep finding ways of satisfaction anymore.

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