Rainy Nights can be Exciting Too

I remember being stuck inside my apartment during those rainy nights. Boredom and frustration lead me to chat with strangers online and suddenly my rainy nights weren’t so depressing anymore. I saw Katya that night and just loved the way she responded to me. Even though we were physically apart she definitely lit my fire.

Today is another rainy night, but today we are face to face. I place kisses on her body and see the blush that covers her. I kiss her face, her neck and her belly. I want to pay special attention to her pussy so I leave it for the end. Now I am at her chest and I lick he nipples. I chew on them, rough and hard and she whimpers while grabbing my ass. “I am going to cram that pussy with my cock baby. I am gonna fill you up real good,” I tell her and she moans.

I also press her ass as I suckle on her tits and she holds me tighter. She caresses my head and I just go town with her tots. Once I have my fill, I move down further and give her vertical lips a good long lick. I make out with her lips there and can hear her mewling. Then I part her folds to reveal her sensitive gem. I lick, twirl and pinch her before pushing my fingers in. I keep eating her pussy and touching her clit until she is shaking from a hard orgasm.

“I want to see your ass jiggle as I fuck you, Katya,” I murmur into her ears and put her on her fours. I smack her delicious, chewable ass and watch as it jiggles from the impact. I roughly finger her pussy from behind as she pushes out her ass to me. “You want ass play baby?” I question her. “Yes!” she breathes out. I smile and push my cock in her snatch. Then I begin to fuck her.

I smack her again and again till she is clenching around my cock and trying to milk me. I bend down and bite her ass cheek. She screams and tries to touch her clit. I slap her hand away and say, “Only I am going to pleasure this clit/ I part her lips and rub her there while she makes these moaning sounds.

I reach for the lube and coat my cock and fingers in it. I finger her pussy while I push one lubed up finger into her tight ass. There is very little resistance and her ass wants to grab me tight. I smile and then pull back my finger. I keep fingering her pussy while I push the cock inside her ass. She is tight. Gosh, she is tight and I still make my way inside her. She is tensed by then I begin to smack her and her finger pussy.

She relaxes and I can fuck her ass now. “Your asshole is mine!” I tell her as begin a hard fucking pace. Soon she is clenching around me. I play more with her pussy and then suddenly there is liquid on my hands. Her ass is clenching and now I can’t hold back anymore. I shoot cum into her asshole and keep pumping inside her.

After that night we promise to see each other the next day. And if it rains so bad that she cannot come to me then we will meet online to have virtual sex online. My rainy nights are no more depressing!

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