Exchanging wives with my neighbor

My wife Alana and I had been living in a new neighborhood for a few months. We were great friends with our neighbors – another married couple. We would often meet socially and invite each other for gatherings. I did desire my wife sexually, but on occasion, I would often think of Arrow, my neighbor’s wife. Jordan, Arrow’s husband, was a great guy and one day he asked me something – did I fancy his wife? After a bit of distracting talk, when he didn’t let up, I accepted that I did. Then suggested we can try exchanging wives for a night.

I spoke to Alana and she was willing to experiment once, so one Saturday we met for drinks for “that” night. We were drinking and Arrow came over to sit next to me. She was looking hot in a bikini top and her bulging boobs caught my eye. I licked my lips while looking at them and she asked, “Do you want to touch them?” I answered in affirmation and she pushed her chest out for me. From the corner of my eye, I saw Alana kissing Jordan. I touched Arrows breasts, almost grabbed them. I squeezed and massaged both of them with both my hands.

She removed the top exposing herself and I just began squeezing her boobs with both hands. I twirled her nipple and rubbed that nub. She was clearly aroused when I did so and came closer to my body. She began touching my cock over my clothes. I was so hard when she touched me because I was also watching my wife. She and Jordan were on the floor and she was sucking his cock. I could see his long dick and his facial expressions. I knew he was enjoying what he was getting. Alana could suck cock well and I knew she could get him there in no time.

I stood up and pushed Arrow back and bent to suck her breasts. I licked her sensitive parts and then sucked at a gentle pace on her nipples. She held my head down over her chest and I continued to suckle. “Unnh, unhhh,” I could hear my wife and see that Jordan was trying to penetrate her pussy. Our eyes met and she smiled. I sat straight and pushed Arrow to give me a blowjob. She knelt and got to it, pulling my cock out of my pants. She directly went for the head – sucking and squishing. She pulled back my foreskin and licked all around, sucking me. Her warm palms, pulled and rubbed my cock as I watched my wife being fucked.

Her legs were spread on the carpet and Jordan was just fucking her. Every thrust moved her body. I liked watching her getting pleasured and I felt horny myself. Arrow was blowing me and I loved it. I told her to stop and laid her out on the couch. I pulled her legs and let her butt rest on the couch arm and pushed in my cock. Ohh! I hadn’t imagined it would be so tight and I didn’t loosen her pussy for her. I hadn’t licked or sucked her clit, all of which Jordan did for Alana. May be exchanging wives would have given her some extra pleasure I thought.

So, I began rubbing her clit and she hissed a bit. I sucked my thumb and then used that to rub her clit and she seemed satisfied. I pressed down and she moaned. Then I actually fucked her pussy. I was continuously playing with her nipples as I was moving in her pussy. I began moving faster and her pussy began squeezing me harder. I held her legs up against my shoulders and fucked with more gusto. My cock felt good and pressed. I knew I was going to cum. So, I pressed Arrow’s clit again and she shot off in her orgasm. Her orgasm made her pussy squeeze me harder and I came too. I squirted cum inside the condom I had worn and just stood till I was done.

I pulled out of her pussy and cleaned up. I found my wife and hugged her leading her out, back to our home. That night we cuddled and talked about how hot the other looked while fucking and then giggled like kids before sleeping off together. The plan of exchanging wives was fun and we might try something else next time.

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